Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show gets makeover from BuzzFeed

Watching women walk up and down a runway in lingerie may not sound all too exciting, but when it comes to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, all eyes are on the angels — fall 2015’s show alone garnered 22.79 million viewers. While the runway show may attract high viewership, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s democratic in terms of the image of beauty portrayed.

That’s why BuzzFeedBuzzFeed decided to take matters into their own hands, recreating the fashion show with models of all shapes, sizes, heights, skin tones and circumstances. The end result was a nine-and-a-half-minute video detailing the process of getting ready to walk to the runway, the actual fashion show and reflections from the models who strut their stuff almost in the buff.

One model, Daysha, discussed at the beginning of the video her relationship with her body. “If my body wasn’t perfect, then no one was going to love me, no one was going to think that I was a valuable human being or that I could contribute anything,” she said.

As the models are getting dressed and made up, some took the time to share what they hoped to get out of the experience. A model named YB told BuzzFeed, “I want to learn for myself that I can be confident in my own body.”

All of their hopes and fears were put to the test when they set foot on the runway. And of course, these ladies killed it.

“I hope this can change the narrative of how women are viewed in the media,” said one of the models, while another shared that walking the runway in lingerie gave her a newfound confidence.

“I honestly do feel a lot better about myself,” a model said. “When it really comes down to it, you have to accept and love yourself, and I feel like this whole experience helped me do more of that.”

To watch these ladies slay their VS Fashion Show 2.0, check out the video here.

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