Science research to improve rape investigation methods

One scientist is using grant funding to pursue research in rape investigation methods, all with the goal of improving current procedures.

According to Mic, Dr. Candice Bridge of the University of Central Florida received a grant from the National Institute of Justice received a $324,000 grant “to pursue alternatives to DNA testing using resources to which only the FBI and a handful of forensic labs have access.”

Allowing researchers to investigate and identify rape perpetrators when traditional DNA forms are not present, Bridge said in a press release that her research will be “an important line of research that has become even more important as rapists attempt to elude capture by covering their DNA tracks after an assault,” Mic reports.

Bridge will work alongside an 11-person team in order to examine the lubricants exchanged during an assault, says Mic, with additional research into how such fluids are broken down by the body funded by an additional grant from the University of Central Florida. Additionally, Mic reports that Bridge is “also working with the Orlando Public Defender’s Office to create an educational website for attorneys, helping them to understand what forensics can realistically do.”

Way to go, Dr. Bridge!


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