Rossum ‘shameless’ in renegotiating salary

From the sports realm to the world of Hollywood, the pay disparity is ever present and persistent. That’s why actress Emmy Rossum is taking matters into her own hands to get the equal pay she knows she deserves.

According to ELLE, the Shameless star is currently renegotiating her salary in order to make up for the deficit posed by the salary of male co-star William H. Macy. ELLE says that salaries are largely determined by star value, and when the show premiered, Macy was riding on his established Hollywood status and an Oscar nomination for Fargo while Rossum wasn’t as well known — and, lest we forget, also a woman.

The show’s breakout star, ELLE says Rossum’s salary renegotiation held production of the series’ eighth season — though The Hollywood Reporter reported that Warner Bros. Television and Rossum were able to agree to a new contract.

So fans, season 8 is coming, and the actress who brings to life everyone’s favorite Fiona Gallagher may have just scored a win in the fight for pay equity.

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