‘Tis the season

Christmas Day is often one filled with joy, peace and love. The pressures of work are placed on a shelf in the back of our minds, and day-to-day stresses are cast to the side in order to enjoy a day with family and friends.

While this holiday — and the holiday season in general — often invokes such feelings, there is something fleeting about them. Like most feelings, they are only temporary, lasting for the duration of the day and maybe carrying over into the following. But once work or school begins again and the hustle and bustle of everyday life returns, this contentment often fades.

But what if this feeling, this state of mind, didn’t fade away? What if we could hold onto it well into the new year, living every day like it was Christmas.

Maybe we can. Maybe this holiday season, we will be able to carry that joy with us beyond Christmas Day or beyond New Year’s Day. Maybe we won’t have to confine these feelings to just the “holiday season.” Maybe every day can be the “season” for joy and hope and love.

So as we celebrate Christmas with our families and friends, let’s remember that this holiday season isn’t the only time for us to be hopeful and joyful. Let’s remember that we can carry these feelings with us every single day — and make every single day feel just as joyful, peaceful and magical as Christmas.

Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas.



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