A blank page

There is power in a blank page. While its emptiness can be intimidating, there is plenty of space to be creative, to try new things and even try again when you mess up. What you want to add is up to you, and being tasked with filling the entirety of an empty page may prove to be difficult. But, once you fill it up in a way that makes you happy, it can be a satisfying experience.

A new year is exactly like this blank page: it’s a wide open, empty expanse stretching out in front of you for what seems like an eternity, even though there is a 365-day border that limits the space you have to create the life you want. Setting out into this vast unknown can be daunting, but it is in this unknown that you are granted the artistic license to do and try whatever you desire.

We’ve reached the end of the page on 2016; it’s been filled with ups, downs and curveballs we never saw coming. For me personally, it has been a year of growth, of some uphill battles and some great triumphs. And through it all, Take Her Lead has left its mark on the page of my 2016 in the most significant way, allowing me to take one more step into living the life I’ve dreamed of. But this page has reached its capacity; it’s filled with progress and some notes to my future self.

Now it’s time to face another blank page. We may think we’ve expended our creativity and our determination in 2016. We may think that those little paper cuts that sliced us open will never heal. But although that page of 2016 will always be there in the stories of our lives, it will not solely determine how our story ends.

So today, as we are handed a clean sheet of paper upon which to write the latest installment in our life stories, sharpen your pencils and break out your finest pens. Gather up all of those ideas, goals, hopes and dreams that you’ve shelved in the crevices of your mind. Take a deep breathe, and start creating.

After all, you have a whole page to fill.

Happy New Year, friends. Thanks for sticking around.




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