‘Accidental Icon’ influences style and beauty standards

Lyn Slater is a professor and a social worker, but the Huffington Post says the 63-year-old is much more — she’s also a style icon.

After being mistaken by paparazzi for a celebrity while meeting a friend outside of a fashion show two year years ago, the Huffington Post says Slater decided to use that fashionable fluke to her advantage, creating a blog called “Accidental Icon.”

Replete with photos of her ultra-modern style, HuffPost says her site also includes “fashion finds and personal essays,” and “offers a welcome dose of emotional maturity in a world overrun with twenty-something fashion bloggers.”

A fashion “influencer,” Slater’s photos are minimally edited which allow her natural beauty to shine through, according to HuffPost, something that the accidental icon herself is far from concerned about.

“Age is not a variable I consider when I am dressing,” she told HuffPost. “I think it is quite wonderful that the boundaries in fashion are loosening.”

Visit Accidental Icon here.

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