Katy Perry Footwear to debut in February

She already has a collection of makeup with CoverGirl, but Katy Perry isn’t done designing just yet. In fact, the singer has a new footwear line coming out next month.

According to Glamour, Perry is set to unveil a 40-shoe line that includes everything from ” platform heels to sneakers and shower slides” that offers a fun, quirky take on traditional styles — all in a way that’s reflective of Perry’s own unique style and all priced between $59 and $299.

Telling Glamour that designing shoes has been a longstanding dream of hers, Perry said that her collection is divided into themes that make for a one-of-a-kind look.

“There’s a star and moon group called SOLEstial,” she told Glamour. “Havana Good Time came from a trip I took to Cuba with all my girlfriends and has two styles with a cigar heel. And we have Pump Up the Jam, which is a bit nineties-based.”

So who did Perry have in mind while designing the line?

“Any girl who wants to have a little exclamation mark at her feet,” she shared with Glamour.

If you’re ready for an exclamation mark at your feet, keep an eye out for Perry’s shoe line next month on katyperrycollections.com.

To see some of Perry’s forthcoming styles, click here.

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