Man Repeller launches pop-up location

The brain child of Leandra Medine will add soon a physical location to its online domain.

According to WWD, Medine’s online destination for all those both fashionable and intelligent Man Repeller will open a pop-up location on Canal Street on March 1. Called MR Bazaar, the location will serve as a “physical manifestation of the site,” Medine told WWD, acting as one part merchandise space and one part community center.

The move is an extension of the online destination’s “community event series,” created in June 2016, reports WWD, and Medine says that the pop-up space seeks to solidify the Man Repeller community and present readers with a physical space to engage with the website’s culture.

“It got me thinking that it would be incredible if we had a space where we could bring the dot-com to life, where people could come and shop, sit and read, get cool recommendations, drink a coffee and discover a new food,” she told WWD.

With the pop-up location sticking around at 265 Canal Street for only a month, you may want to stop by before the doors close: WWD says the site will feature “Monogram x Man Repeller collaboration T-shirts, the MR by Man Repeller shoe collection, hats, T-shirts and mugs,” as well as “limited-edition Name Glo x Man Repeller neon LED lights — in the shape of boobs.”

Time to start planning a trip!


MAC teases ‘basic’ eye shadow palette

A new eye shadow palette may be coming your way very soon, according to Marie Claire.

While Milan Fashion Week was underway, Marie Claire says Netta Szekely — senior makeup artists at MAC Cosmetics — took to Instagram to reveal a forthcoming eye shadow palette called, “Basic Bitch.” The palette, which “includes eight new eyeshadows and what appears to be a highlighter,” features all of the most versatile colors a palette could ever boast, ranging from a wine-colored hue to a gun-metal grey.

Marie Claire also says the palette includes a highlighter, which goes by the name of “Love This Bitch.” The pale rose color offers a hint of shimmer, as opposed to colors such as “Shy Girl” and “Tattle Tale,” which are more overtly sparkly.

Although the new palette is certainly exciting, Marie Claire reports that there is no word yet on its release.

You know what Beyoncé says: “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.”

Take a time out with THL

Sometimes, you just need a little boost of inspiration to sustain your motivation throughout the day. While it can be difficult to maintain your positivity through the hustle and bustle of the work week, there is a simple — yet beautiful — solution that will remind you to keep pushing forward at all times.

Inspirational jewelry is not only the perfect way to keep your favorite mantra visible, it is also a great way to add a little dash of something special to your look. Often very sleek and unassuming, inspirational jewelry can look minimalist to the untrained eye, but to you, it carries a special meaning that you take with you throughout the day.

Check out some of THL’s favorite inspirational pieces:

Piper Cleo

This online boutique offers a host of jewelry — inspirational and otherwise — to inject a hint of meaning into your daily wear. Equal parts dainty and powerful, our favorite piece happens to be the “Nevertheless, she persisted” bar necklace, which boasts the now-famous words of Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell who ended a speech read by Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Despite it’s political significance, the phrase has become something of a feminist rallying cry and makes for a perfect reminder to persist no matter the obstacles you face. The best part: the necklace is on sale for only $20.


A THL favorite, Mantraband offers both bracelets and necklaces with phrases on them that signify happiness, love, peace, strength or a journey. Available in gold, silver and rose gold, these pieces are subtle and unobtrusive enough to pair with your go-to jewelry without interference. Our personal favorite is the “Alis Volat Propriis” bracelet, a bangle that shares the message, “She flew with her own wings.” For only $25, you’ll remind yourself every day that you have the power to take charge of your life.

Alex and Ani

Perhaps the most well-known of these inspirational shops, Alex and Ani has a massive selection of their iconic bracelets, necklaces, rings and even accessories that all have latent meaning. If rings are more your thing, the Eros Arrow Wrap Ring offers the most unassuming take on inspirational jewelry yet. A simple arrow, the motif symbolizes direction; in its product description, the ring is said to serve as a reminder to “Stay focused with your eyes on the target. Let your arrow of intention fly to its goal.”

Take a break from work, take a deep breath and take a time out from the daily grind by perusing these selections of inspirational jewelry — and by reminding yourself that no matter what, you have all you need to succeed.

Doing ‘justice’ to inclusivity

Tween clothing store Justice is making sure that all of their young customers are represented in their brand new ad campaign.

According to Amy’s Smart Girls, the retailer updated their Facebook cover photo with an image from their forthcoming ad campaign called, “See Yourself in Justice,” which depicts a diverse group of girls in their clothing, including one young woman in a hijab.

Vice President of Corporate Communications Keriake Lucas told the Huffington Post that the photo is about much more than just making the clothing marketable to an array of young shoppers.

“We’re looking at ways of continuing with our message around inclusivity,” she offered. “We’re really proud to project to our girl that we are really dedicated to every girl, every day.”

The photos, the Huffington Post reports, will run as part of the marketing campaign throughout the rest of February.


Fenty Beauty by Rihanna to debut fall 2017

If you’ve ever envied Rihanna’s makeup, you’ll soon be able to take her look all for yourself.

According to The Cut, the 29-year-old singer will launch Fenty Beauty by Rihanna at Sephora this fall, with some of the line’s products already debuting on the Fenty Beauty Instagram account (which has since been taken down).

Before the account was deleted, a photo was posted revealing a holographic lip color that’s part of the line — and had already made an appearance during her spring 2017 Fenty X Puma runway show, reports The Cut. 

Glamour also reports that the line is looking for a global makeup artist, according to a second photo posted on the non-existent Instagram account. However, Glamour links to the Instagram account of Erik Soto, global makeup artist for Kat Von D and head of global artistry and education for Kendo brands (a beauty brand developer), who posted a photo launching the talent search.

The announcement posts three locations for on-site auditions — New York, Dallas and Los Angeles — which run between Feb. 24 and 28. Soto’s photo caption says that those applicants who make it beyond the first two rounds of interviews will “have a chance to interview and apply makeup on Rihanna herself.” 

If you’d rather work for Rihanna instead of just buy her forthcoming makeup, you can RSVP for an open audition here, and apply for the position here.

Teigen takes on equal representation in modeling

Chrissy Teigen held back nothing in an exchange with E! News when it came to equal representation in both modeling and the entertainment industry at large.

According to Marie Claire, she told the entertainment news outlet that she wants it to become normal to see Asian models walk down the runway and even see broader representations of Asians in popular culture items, such as film.

“I think it’s really important to start embracing people…seeing them in roles that are not necessarily ‘That Asian Girl’ or ‘That Asian Boy,'” she said. “In movies you’re like ‘Oh, this Asian girl is dating this white guy’ — I want that to be normal.”

Refinery29 said she also touched on cultural appropriation, offering that there is a fine line being honoring and whitewashing a culture:

“I personally am not offended by cultural appropriation of any sort because I feel like it does pay homage, but at the same time there are a lot of beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, Asian women that could do the same thing.”




McGrady takes Sports Illustrated by storm

Remember this name: Hunter McGrady.

The 23-year-old model recently made her debut in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and was dubbed the “curviest model ever” to grace the glossy, according to Elite Daily, but it’s not just her stunningly gorgeous photos that are making headlines. It’s her message of body acceptance that is making a splash.

After beginning her modeling career at age 16, McGrady was initially unable to make her way as a smaller-sized model, she told Elite Daily, and was met with rejection after showing up to a photo shoot — as a size 4 — and being turned away because of her size.

But past stumbling blocks didn’t hold her back: not only did McGrady land a spot in this year’s SI swimsuit edition, she also was named one of the issue’s Rookies of the Year, according to Elite Daily — a feat she achieved after modeling a painted-on swimsuit.

“I didn’t feel like I was naked at all. But I was 100 percent naked. You have to own it,” she told Yahoo Style.

And own it she did. The best part is that she’s inspiring other women to own their bodies just the same.

“I want women to pick up what is the considered the sexiest magazine issue and feel inspired,” she said, according to Yahoo Style. “There’s someone in it who looks like them, who isn’t the traditional model they see. Every body type is beautiful.”

Amen to that.

‘Mulan’ remake scores female director

What a revolutionary concept: a film with a strong female character is going to be directed by a female director.

According to GlamourThe Hollywood Reporter revealed on Feb. 14 that the live-action remake of Disney’s classic Mulan will be directed by Niki Caro, who beat out Asian directors Ang Lee and Jiang Wen for the job. Hong Kong-based Bill Kong will take up the role of executive producer on the film, says Glamour. 

Caro, who earned two Oscar nominations for her 2005 film North Country, is also making a bit of history by sitting in the director’s chair for the remake: Glamour reports that she will become the second female in history (after Ava DuVernay) to direct a film with a budget of $100 million or more.

The Hollywood Reporter also laid to rest early speculation that the film would star white characters — even a potential white male lead — by sharing that the studio is “focusing its casting search in mainland China for the main roles, including the legendary woman warrior herself.”


Brown signs with IMG

Millie Bobby Brown is not only known as 11 on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, she is also becoming one to watch on red carpets. As People reports, the actress has worn a custom Armani creation to the SAG Awards and scored a place as the face of the new Calvin Klein by Appointment line — all at 12 years old.

Now, the young star is set to add another item to her fashion resume: a signed model. People reports that Brown officially landed a modeling contract with IMG, a global modeling agency that boasts names such as Chrissy Teigen, Gal Gadot and Hari Nef.

While People says we will have to wait until Brown is the regulation age of 16 to see her take her turn down the runway, we’re pretty sure that — judging by her recent fashion moments — it will be well worth the wait.

‘SI Swim’ editor celebrates body diversity

The latest issue of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition has been billed as “the most inclusive ever,” according to editor MJ Day, featuring women of all ages, sizes and ethnicities. But now, the editor is taking things one step further by getting in on the action herself.

According to ELLE, Day posted a video to the “Women IRL” Instagram account, donning a black bikini and posing with her 2-year-old son on her hip, all in an effort to “kick off a campaign to celebrate all body types.”

Designed to get followers to “pose in their own swimsuits and explain the traits and aspirations they ‘model’ to others,” ELLE says that Day explained in her post that the initiative is all about celebrating the things that make us inherently beautiful.

“I’m determined to get out the message that there’s not a singular definition of beauty,” she said in the video, adding in her caption when she shared the post on her own Instagram account that we “need to love ourselves in the present. No matter what.”