New GE ad makes celebrities out of scientists

A new advertisement by General Electric is making female scientists the A-list celebrities of today.

According to the Huffington Post, the ad “imagines the first woman to win the National Medal of Science in Engineering, Millie Dresselhaus a.k.a. the ‘queen of carbon science,’ as a star,” swapping the face of movie stars with hers on the covers of magazines and even having an emoji crafted in her likeness.

From Millie dolls to halloween costumes, international news coverage to newborns named in her honor, the ad imagines a world where female scientists are as revered and glorified as much as Hollywood elite. But the ad does more than just position a female scientist in the spotlight — it announces GE’s own intentions of creating the future of females in science.

Part of GE’s new commitment to hiring more women in technical positions, HuffPost says the ad formally announced the company’s goal of “helping 20,000 women fill more STEM roles in GE by the year 2020 and obtaining 50:50 representation for all of their tech entry-level leadership development programs.”

By implementing new recruitment practices and creating feedback and training processes to retain employees, HuffPost says GE is taking a “holistic” approach to achieving their goal, which is to — as their video’s Youtube description says — not just imagine “world where brilliant women are the stars,” but to instead help create it.


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