MAC teases ‘basic’ eye shadow palette

A new eye shadow palette may be coming your way very soon, according to Marie Claire.

While Milan Fashion Week was underway, Marie Claire says Netta Szekely — senior makeup artists at MAC Cosmetics — took to Instagram to reveal a forthcoming eye shadow palette called, “Basic Bitch.” The palette, which “includes eight new eyeshadows and what appears to be a highlighter,” features all of the most versatile colors a palette could ever boast, ranging from a wine-colored hue to a gun-metal grey.

Marie Claire also says the palette includes a highlighter, which goes by the name of “Love This Bitch.” The pale rose color offers a hint of shimmer, as opposed to colors such as “Shy Girl” and “Tattle Tale,” which are more overtly sparkly.

Although the new palette is certainly exciting, Marie Claire reports that there is no word yet on its release.

You know what Beyoncé says: “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.”

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