‘Fearless Girl’ remains on Wall Street

It looks like one woman has found her place on Wall Street.

According to the Huffington Post, the “Fearless Girl” statue that was placed in the famous financial district of New York City earlier this month will remain in the area until February 2018, says Mayor Bill DeBlasio.

Originally scheduled to leave her post on April 2, HuffPost says DeBlasio decided to make the statue a semi-permanent feature of Wall Street because of her message of empowering women.

“In her short time here, the Fearless Girl has fueled powerful conversations about women in leadership and inspired so many,” he said in a statement to the New York Daily NewsHuffPost reports. “Now, she’ll be asserting herself and affirming her strength even after her temporary permit expires — a fitting path for a girl who refuses to quit.”

The statue made its debut on International Women’s Day on March 8 says HuffPost, having a staring contest with the iconic Wall Street bull as she stands with her head held high and her hands firmly on her hips.

After public advocate Letitia James pushed for the statue’s permanence and a petition on Change.org to keep the statue up circulated and received over 28,000 signatures, it looks like the statue is here to stay — at least for a little while.

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