New doll depicts diverse beauty

Imagine a world where young girls can grow up seeing dolls that look exactly like they do. Haneefah Adam did, and that’s why she created the “hijarbie.”

According to the Huffington Post, the 26-year-old medical student and artist from Nigeria created an Instagram account in which she “posts images of Barbies that young Muslim girls who wear the hijab can identify with,” showing off modest fashion ideas on Barbie-like dolls.

But beyond providing fashion tips, Adam also took to styling the dolls in the likenesses of prominent Muslim women, reports HuffPost. For example, HuffPost says she has dressed the dolls to resemble bloggers like Leena Asad, American fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad who competed at the Rio Olympics wearing a hijab and the first Somali-American Muslim woman legislator in the United States Ilhan Omar.

For Adam, the dolls are about more than creating miniatures of famous Muslim women; they are about celebrating everything that they are while honoring her own faith.

“These women are among beautiful Muslim women that celebrate their unique identity with pride while still succeeding in their different fields,” Adam wrote, according to HuffPost. “Because my faith is an integral part of my lifestyle, it has to reflect in most things I do, which in turn is manifesting in Hijarbie.”



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