Golden-Bhojwani inspires on Instagram

Weight loss before-and-after photos fill Instagram feeds around the world, but very rarely do we scroll past one that shows weight gain. For Liza Golden-Bhojwani, that weight gain was the best possible result.

According to Glamour, Golden-Bhojwani shared a side-by-side image on her Instagram that showed her on the left as a former runway model in 2012 who only consumed 500 calories per day and on the right as the woman she is today who is solely focused on her health and not maintaining an unrealistic — and unhealthy — lifestyle.

Golden-Bhojwani wrote in the caption of her former self:

“I was booking amazing shows that one never thinks they actually could, walking with girls who I once looked up to, it was a serious adrenaline rush…but after fainting one night in my apt whilst preparing one of my very low cal meals (I think it was 20 pieces of steamed edamame if I remember correctly), I called it quits with the diet and workout regime I was put on and decided I could do it on my own.”

While the road ahead was filled with silent binging and steady weight gain that made some Fashion Week followers gawk at her filling frame, Golden-Bhojwani started to take control of her body, reports Cosmopolitan, and by 2014, the model was dedicated to eating and working out in a way that promoted and enhanced her health. She even moved to India, met the man she’d marry and left the New York modeling scene.

Fast forward to the present day, and Cosmo reports Golden-Bhojwani has finally learned to stop fighting her body and to stop being so strict with herself. Ultimately, she wrote in her Instagram post, she’s learned to be happy with who she is and wants other to feel the same way.

“Maybe I wasn’t made to be on the covers of magazines and shooting the biggest and best brands, but I was made for a reason,” she wrote. “I do deserve to be happy and feel fulfilled. We all do. Maybe I was made to share this story and spread the message of body love to all the women out there struggling.”



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