Mejia shares meaningful body love message

Instagram is filled with fitness accounts, but seldom do they have a message like that of Nicole Mejia’s.

According to Glamour, the fitness model and creator of the Get Fit and Thick workout and diet plan posted a video to her Instagram on Friday, April 14, sharing a side of herself that most fitness stars rarely highlight: a photo of her backside and its cellulite.

Accompanied by a message of self-acceptance and body love, Mejia wrote that since starting her fitness movement, her “body fat percentage is currently the highest that it’s been” but so also is her happiness; she also shared that in her journey of joining the fitness community, she lost sight of the mental release workouts offered.

But, Glamour says Mejia has found her focus yet again, setting “goals we won’t need a mirror for,” such as completing “30 consecutive push-ups” or “3 miles without stopping.”

Mejia wrapped up her message by offering that it’s more important to focus on who we are beyond our bodies:

“You are more than the way you look. Is it important to take care of your temple? Yes, but why is that getting the majority of our attention? Why do we place so much emphasis on the way we look instead of focusing that energy on intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth?… I made a promise that I would be vulnerable with you guys, and when it comes to me and my body image, this as real as it gets. I am flawed. I am loved. But I am so much more. – And so are you.”


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