Girl Scouts create troop for homeless

Everyone needs something — a group of people, a community — to call home, and a Girl Scouts troop in New York is providing just the community for a local group of girls.

Located in Queens, Troop 6000 is based out of a shelter where all of its members are homeless, according to Glamourmaking it the first specially for homeless girls in New York.

“The troop was a product of Giselle Burgess, a community engagement specialist for the Girl Scouts who’s also homeless,” says Glamour, as well as “councilman Jimmy Van Brager, who represents the borough of Queens and whose family was homeless for a period in the 1970s.”

Currently being housed at a Sleep Inn rented by the city, Glamour reports that the members of Troop 6000 have “lived through the fear and uncertainty of poverty and homelessness,” though joining the Girl Scouts troop will offer some semblance of normalcy and give a platform for the girls to express their ambitions. Many quoted in The New York Times‘s original piece on the story have already announced their plans for the future, and among the desires to be doctors and fashion designers was an aspiration to help the homeless, says Glamour.

“I’m going to help the homeless,” said a third-grader named Silkia. “I’m going to get mad money, and I’m going to ask them if they want a shelter.”

While the Girl Scouts of Greater New York is currently covering the fees for the troop’s members, which total “about $100 for patches, vests, and the membership fee, plus $20 in monthly dues,” according to Glamourdonations can be made and designated specifically to those in New York shelters.


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