Take a time out with THL

It’s Wednesday, the days are getting warmer and brighter and our minds are on anything but our daily grind. So if you find your mind wandering in the middle of your work day or find a few minutes to unwind, there’s always something interesting to read online. Here are just a few of our favorites:

“A Culture of Extraordinary” by Stacy London

In this 2014 piece, the former What Not to Wear host not only offers a glimpse of life beyond the small screen, but also an honest assessment of the changing media landscape that is dominated by social media celebrities and so-called “online experts.” Calling our social media profiles our attempts at constant personal branding, London says we “don’t just have to be the woman who does everything; you now have to SHOW that you are (EVEN IF YOU AREN’T.)” While it’s already three years old, the piece has just as much relevance then as it does today.

Read it here.

Body Positivity Month at Outspeak

This digital opinion outlet is taking on body positivity all month long, “celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes, and exploring our complicated relationships with them.” As part of the project, Outspeak is requesting video submissions that address themes ranging from illness and disability to eating disorders to media representations of bodies. If you want to submit a video, click here for submission guidelines — or if you just want to follow along, the result is sure to be a fascinating work that is both expository and enlightening.

‘Fast Fashion’ advice from The Washington Post’s Robin Givhan

Perfect for new college graduates — and anyone who needs a refresher course — this article presents the pitfalls of falling for fast fashion (read: cheap, trendy clothing) while offering the benefits of investing in higher-priced, yet more quality items that will stand the test of time. Also discussing tailoring as surefire way to make an outfit look much more polished, Givhan’s piece makes abundantly clear that style is a function of quality and fit.

Read it here.

Whether your week is brimming with activity or slowing to a crawl, take a time out with THL to clear your head and get inspired.

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