Making fashion sustainable

Green fashion choices don’t necessarily mean donning an outfit in the earthy tone; it can mean wearing responsibly-sourced fibers that don’t damage the Earth. As for Livia Firth, she opts for the latter option.

According to Vogue, the founder and creative director for Eco-Age (a “consultancy enabling businesses to achieve growth through sustainability”) worked with Italian designed Laura Strambi to produce a Met Gala gown that is equal parts stunning and sustainable.

Made from leather-alternative fiber Piñatex, Firth told Vogue that the fibers “fibers are the by-product of the pineapple harvest in the Philippines so no extra land, water, fertilizers, or pesticides are required to produce them.”

Even beneficial economically, Firth told Vogue that the fiber “provides a new additional income for farmers while creating a vibrant new industry for pineapple-growing countries.”

Here’s hoping for a more environmentally-friendly — and fashionable — future.

To read more about Firth’s complete Met Gala look, click here.

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