American Girl unveils first Korean-American Doll

Young girls of all backgrounds can now find a doll that looks a little more like them, thanks to the newest American Girl doll.

According to Refinery29, the famous doll company just unveiled their first-ever Korean-American doll named “Suzie “Z” Yang.” Available starting April 27, the doll’s backstory aims to inspire new ambitions in young girls as well as to represent diverse ethnicities, says Refinery29.

“Z (short for Suzie) is a Korean American hailing from Seattle, and is the latest addition to American Girl’s new series of contemporary characters and stories designed to speak to more girls’ interests, backgrounds and experiences,” American Girl said in a release. “Through Z, girls get to learn more about this creative young filmmaker who loves staying connected with friends and sharing a good story through her stop motion videos.”

The move to release a Korean-American doll follows a statement from American Girl spokesperson Julie Parks, who Refinery29 reports told NBC News back in February that “the one thing we’ve heard loud and clear is a desire for more—specifically more characters and stories from today—with more experiences, more diversity and more interests.”

Way to go, American Girl.


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