Schumer talks body acceptance with R29

Being in the public eye isn’t easy, especially when there’s heavy expectation to look flawless at all times. But for Amy Schumer, feeding the public’s unreal expectations isn’t on her agenda. In fact, she accepts her body the way it is and wants everyone else to, as well.

Addressing the negative comments surrounding her swimsuit-clad InStyle cover, the Snatched star told Refinery29 in an interview that she doesn’t try to transform herself into what others think she should be, according to HuffPost.

“I shot that InStyle cover and I was really feeling myself that day,” she said. “I think that sort of acceptance… when I see myself in this movie, in a bathing suit, I’m fine. There’s nothing for me to get over. This is my body. This is my face. This is it. I don’t strive for this other version.”

What she does think, however, is that other people need to accept her body — “Or not!” Schumer offered, according to HuffPost. “People need time to decide how they feel about my body. I don’t think about my body. I want to be healthy.”

There’s nothing like owning who you are; thanks for showing us how it’s done, Amy.

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