Designer dismisses critique of Lane Bryant line

Designing for a range of sizes is important; after all, everyone deserves clothing that fits and flatters them, not to mention makes them feel confident and beautiful. So when Prabal Gurung received some backlash from the fashion community for making fashionable clothing accessible to women of all sizes, the designer didn’t stand for it.

According to HuffPost, Gurung detailed his experience while speaking on a panel for the premiere of the Straight/Curve documentary, sharing that when he announced his plans to design for Lane Bryant, there was “‘snickering’ in the high fashion world.”

With one acquaintance questioning Gurung’s decision to make “clothes for fat people,” HuffPost says he didn’t let the comment — which was defended as a joke — get away unanswered.

“‘I said to her, ‘Words have power, it impacts people’…And I said, ‘It’s because of people like you that I wanted to do this, because I want to make sure that the woman I’m designing for, through Lane Bryant’s platform, feels that she belongs, that she is part of our world.'”

And it’s people like Prabal Gurung who help make fashion a place for all.

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