Clarkson claps back at Twitter troll

In a world where people can hide behind their screens and fire off scathing comments without having to show their faces, it helps to maintain a sense of humor. It seems to help for Kelly Clarkson, at least.

According to Glamour, the singer tweeted about the Fourth of July and thanked those in the armed forces for their service — a tweet a troll decided to respond to with a “You’re fat” comment.

While uncalled for, Glamour says Clarkson retweeted the comment and added her own: “….and still fucking awesome,” she wrote, complete with an emoji sticking out its tongue.

Now THAT’s how you shut someone down on social media.

2 thoughts on “Clarkson claps back at Twitter troll

  1. I love what you’re doing here! GIRL POWER!
    I’m starting up a little blog-typed thing of my own but need some tips on how to get started?! Need some girl-to-girl advice!!
    Rebekah xxx

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