NYDJ debuts ‘Fit is Everything’ campaign

Stacy London said it years ago on the TLC hit show, What Not to Wear, and it still holds true: if you don’t have fit, then you don’t have style.

But now, denim company NYDJ is making sure that their jeans fit all body types in their latest campaign, “Fit is Everything,” according to InStyle. The fall 2017 campaign features models who were “recruited at malls across the country by NYDJ via its National Fit Tour,” says InStyle, which since April gave people the chance to be professionally styled test out the brand’s jeans, all with the chance of being featured in the campaign.

With the campaign officially unveiled on July 11, InStyle reports that the initiative depicts women of all ages, ethnicities and professions, representing a size range of 00 to 24. What’s more is that NYDJ also teamed up with Clothes4Souls, which InStyle says ” helped donate an item of clothing to women in need for every single pair tried on across the tour.”

What else could you possibly ask for out of your denim?! To check out NYDJ’s campaign, click here.

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