AE crafts denim hijabs

Clothier American Eagle is taking their signature denim and transforming it into a style that is accessible to all.

According to Her Campus, AE has just released a denim hijab, modeled by Muslim model Halima Aden. Initially announced with photos of the model in the denim hijab, Teen Vogue reports that shoppers were thrilled when they later found out that the style was for sale.

The denim hijab is currently available for $19.95 on AE’s website — also making it accessible to shoppers of all budgets — and comes in a medium, chambray-style wash.

With an all-American brand making style more inclusive, perhaps AE’s decision to create the denim hijab was best summed up by Fashionista: “What could be more American than the freedom to worship — and dress — according to your convictions?”

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