New video delves into racial bias

A beauty brand owned by Proctor & Gamble wants to take a break from promoting products and making sales to focus on an issue of prime importance: racial bias.

According to HuffPost, beauty company My Black Is Beautiful released a new video called  “The Talk” on July 24 that “explores racial bias by depicting some of the burdens placed on parents of black children, who are challenged with having necessary but difficult discussions with their children about their survival and self-esteem.”

The two-minute video depicts black parents and their children in discussion about the ways their skin color influences their everyday interactions, says HuffPost, including preparing for the potential of an encounter with police. In the opening scene, however, HuffPost reports that the video tackles the issue of qualifying black beauty:

“…A young girl is seen telling her mom that she was told she was ‘pretty for a black girl,’ to which her mother later responds sternly: ‘You’re not pretty for a black girl. You’re beautiful period.'”

With a goal of raising awareness on racial bias, Director of Global Company Communications at Procter & Gamble Damon Jones told HuffPost that he hopes the video goes beyond mere education and instead incites action.

“We are also hopeful that we can make progress toward a less biased future by recognizing the power of people of all backgrounds and races showing up for one another.”

Let’s show up for one another, shall we? To watch the video in its entirety, click here.

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