Disney launches #DreamBigPrincess campaign

Being a princess isn’t reserved for characters in Disney movies; in fact, they are coming to life and expanding their purpose, thanks to Disney’s new photo campaign.

According to Glamour, Disney recently launched an all-new campaign called #DreamBigPrincess, which “tapped 19 female photographers in 15 countries to create portraits of inspiring women and girls who live in the real world, not in Disneyland—everyone from park rangers in Kenya to a Chinese Paralympian to the author of a coding book for kids.”

In addition to showcasing girls that are powerful in their own ways, Glamour reports that Disney is also working with Girl Up,  a foundation part of the U.N. With every public photo posted to social media with the hashtag #DreamBigPrincess or every like on one of those posts, Disney will donate $1 — up to $1 million.

One of the photographers on the series was Kate T. Parker, says Glamour, who photographed her daughter’s soccer team, as well as Grace — an aspiring Paralympian —  depicting the girls as both athletic and strong, instead of merely meek and demure. Despite the girls’ lack of fancy outfits and royal palaces, Parker told Glamour that the girls she photographed are every bit princesses.

“Princesses are great role models, they show strength and power and determination,” she said. “Princesses can look perfect and be perfect and have their hair done, but then the next moment they can be having a mud fight.”

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