Jenkins to become highest paid female director

She brought you the summertime blockbluster Wonder Woman and as talks of her return to direct the sequel heating up, it looks like Patty Jenkins may be getting the recognition she so deserves.

According to IndieWire, Deadline reports that the Wonder Woman director is “very close to signing on to direct “Wonder Woman 2” for an undisclosed sum that will make her the highest paid female director in the business.” While the exact amount of her earnings has not yet been disclosed, IndieWire says it should be similar to other directors of her caliber.

As it should be — IndieWire reports that not only was Wonder Woman the biggest superhero movie of 2017, it’s popularity helped it become the third highest grossing film in Warner Brothers history following The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. As if that weren’t enough, IndieWire says the film was also “the top grossing live action film ever made by a female filmmaker.”

Congratulations, Patty!


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