New Target brand to offer more size diversity

Out with the old, in with the new — and the more diverse.

According to HuffPost, everyone’s favorite mass retailer Target will be shaking up their clothing selections this fall, taking away their long-time Merona line (among others) and offering 12 all-new brands of clothing and home goods. But one brand is already capturing some much-due attention, specifically for the range of sizes it offers.

Called “A New Day,” HuffPost says Target’s newest women’s clothing brand will not only offer “‘versatile, mix-and-match’ pieces,” it will also offer greater size diversity, with pieces ranging in size from either ” XS to XXL, XS to 4X or 2-26W, depending on the item.”

Offering a wider size range than Merona, A New Day is certainly offering a welcome change while also staying in a friendly price range, with HuffPost reporting that all pieces are priced under $45 (even though price may vary for some colors or sizes).

Ready for some new Target threads? HuffPost says the line will officially debut on Aug. 27, but you can check out some pieces from the line here.

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