New Zara campaign stars only models over 40

Women are beautiful at every age, and thanks to a new campaign by Zara, this sentiment is being proven yet again.

According to PopSugar, the Spanish retailer’s campaign for their  Fall and Winter 2017 collection features only models over the age of 40, all of whom show off Zara’s forthcoming styles. Part of the “Timeless Woman” campaign are Malgosia Bela (40), Kristina de Coninck (53) and Yasmin Warsame (41), all of whom PopSugar says have been in the fashion industry “for years” and “have walked for high-end designers, but this campaign sheds new light on the brand and on the topic of ageism in the fashion industry.”

With years in an ever-changing industry under their belts, the models’ individual styles have also progressed — and so has the way they view themselves.

“I prefer myself so much better now than ten years ago or 20 years ago,” Bela said, according to PopSugar. “Obviously it would be nice not to get old and ugly, but the mental process is only for the better. So, it’s a paradox: more confidence, and you are getting old. But it’s . . . I kind of like it.”

If only we could shop for her confidence and perspective just like we can shop the new collection here.

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