Ross debuts new JCP collection

It’s been a long time since J.C.Penney has been at the top of shoppers’ list of favorite stores; with CNBC reporting slashed profit and sales forecasts, shares falling by 20 percent and heavy product discounting, things haven’t exactly been looking great for the department store.

And then came Tracee Ellis Ross.

The Black-ish star recently launched a brand-new collection with JCP that includes everything from apparel to accessories to home furnishings, according to Glamour. The 45-piece collection is also incredibly accessible, with Racked reporting that the max price tag throughout the entire collection is $74, not to mention all apparel pieces come in sizes ranging from small to 3X.

The partnership may be exactly what the store needs, considering its accessibility and price range, not to mention Ross’s personal mission for the collaboration.

“It was the most perfect partnership,” she said, according to Racked. “I really believe that style and looking great does not have to expensive, and I really believe that women are beautiful in all shapes, colors, sizes, and ages. It was really important for me to design a collection of clothes that can be both your armor and your joy at the same time.”

Ready to shop the line? It’s already available in stores and online!

Fenty to release first red lipstick on Thanksgiving

As if we all weren’t raving about Fenty Beauty‘s products enough, they are about to drop a brand-new product — and soon.

According to Glamour, the brand and brainchild of Rihanna is set to launch its first red lipstick, called the Stunna Lip Paint. What’s more is that the lippie follows the brand’s mission of producing makeup for all, says Glamour, touting a motto of “One Red For All.”

While there is no word yet on price, Glamour is predicting that it may fall in line with her Gloss Bomb ($18) and her holiday lip products ($19 each). As for the release date, you may want to ask family and friends to save you some turkey and stuffing, because this beauty drops on Thanksgiving — yes, Nov. 23.

You can shop the Stunna Lip Paint both online and in stores, says Glamour, at, and, as well as in Sephora and Harvey Nichols stores.

Nyong’o responds to edited magazine cover

Lupita Nyong’o didn’t hold back her disappointment after her newly-released magazine cover revealed a heavily-edited photo of the actress.

According to Glamour, the actor took to Twitter to express her frustration at Grazia UK magazine, which edited her hair on its Novemeber 2017 cover and “completely erased the portion of her natural curls that was pulled back to give the impression of a close-cropped hairstyle.” To highlight the drastic editing, Glamour says that Nyong’o shared the original and edited images in her tweet, showing how the magazine gave her a buzzcut instead of showing her natural hair that was pulled into a low ponytail.

But her effort to shed light on the issue didn’t end there; Glamour reports that she also wrote an extensive Instagram post, writing that the images of beauty that filled her childhood were ones of “light skin” and “silky hair.” However, she wrote being on a magazine’s cover allows her to break those institutionalized standards of beauty for future generations, thus even more of a reason why the editing is disappointing:

“Being featured on the cover of a magazine fulfills me as it is an opportunity to show other dark, kinky-haired people, and particularly our children, that they are beautiful just the way they are. I am disappointed that @graziauk invited me to be on their cover and then edited out and smoothed my hair to fit their notion of what beautiful hair looks like.”

While the magazine has since apologized for the photo’s editing, Glamour points out that the issue highlights the “need more women of color involved in creating the images we see in media.”

Ratajkowski reveals new swimwear line

The weather may be getting colder, but it’s never too early to start eyeing your next swimsuit.

And thanks to Emily Ratajkowski, you won’t have to look hard. According to PopSugar, the multi-hyphenate is said to be creating her very own swimwear line, even giving a sneak-peak of one of the pieces on her Instagram. Called “Inamorata Swim,” the new line features cut-out one pieces and sexy off-the-shoulder two pieces, says PopSugar, and it already has its own Instagram account.

As far as when the line will be officially available, well, that can be summed up in one word from Ratajkowski: “Soon.”

Needless to say, we will certainly be keeping an eye out for this collection!

Missguided ditches Photoshop in new apparel photos

Nobody — and no body — is perfect. And thanks to a diminished reliance on photo editing, we are now starting to see that in the fashion and retail industries.

Take Missguided, for example. According to PopSugarthe British retailer is now featuring models with visible stretch marks in their photos. Posting two photos to Instagram of a model showing off their velvet lingerie set, PopSugar says the photo ditches Photoshop to highlight the natural markings on the model’s body.

While not all of their photos have been swapped for unretouched images, PopSugar reports “there are now a handful more in swimsuits and dresses that show off marks on their chests, legs, and backs.”

The move was largely lauded on social media, with one user telling other brands to “take note” of their effort, says PopSugar, because “our perfect ‘imperfections’ don’t need to be scrubbed out.”

Amen to that!

Election Day brings increased representation

While Election Day 2017 was all about electing leaders in municipalities around the United States, it was also a time to usher in what may be a new era of increased representation in American politics.

According to The Hill, Andrea Jenkins — a city council candidate in Minneapolis — became “the first openly transgender woman of color elected to public office in the United States” when she won the vote on Nov. 7.

Jenkins, who ran as a Democrat, campaigned on hot-button issues such as affordable housing and raising the minimum wage, says The Hill, with the newly-elected council member previously serving as a policy aide to council Vice President Elizabeth Glidden.

But Jenkins wasn’t the only one to break down barriers this Election Day. CBS News reports that in Virginia, transgender woman Danica Roem “unseated one of Virginia’s longest serving and most socially conservative lawmakers,” making history as “the first openly transgender person elected and seated in a state legislature.”

The Democrat and former newspaper reporter not only made history, CBS News says Roem scored an additional victory on election night — defeating the candidate Del. Bob Marshall, who “sponsored a bill this year that would have restricted the bathrooms transgender people can use.”

With diversity in people, practice and though making their way into local governments everywhere, perhaps the theme of this year’s election is best summed up by Roem herself:

“No matter what you look like, where you come from, how you worship or who you love, if you have good public policy ideas, if you’re qualified for office, you have every right to bring your ideas to the table.”


Eloquii and Holliday collaborate on ‘noir’ campaign

Tess Holliday is killing the game yet again, this time fronting a brand-new campaign for extended-size brand Eloquii.

According to InStyle, the author-model-activist teamed up with Eloquii to star in the ad campaign for their latest Noir Collection, all 11-piece capsule collection that “comes just in time for holiday dressing, thanks to the collection’s lineup of stunning evening gowns, cocktail dresses, and jumpsuits.”

Shot in Paris, the campaign is just as glamorous as Holliday is, who is showing off clothing part of Eloquii’s Black Tie Collection, says InStyle, which is their an eveningwear line that features pieces crafted with intricate bead work and luxurious materials.

As far as price, InStyle says the line costs a bit more than typical Eloquii pieces, but offers that the cost is worth the glamour, considering these are “investment pieces” that will stand the test of time and offer endless style year after year.

Ready to shop the collection? Click here.

Reformation features female leaders in new campaign

Female leaders are models, both literally and figuratively — and in this all-new campaign by Reformation, these women are actually the models of the brand’s latest styles.

According to GlamourReformation decided to ditch traditional fashion models for their holiday campaign and instead opt for “women who are leaders in a variety of male-dominated fields to front its campaign, bringing a new meaning to power-dressing.”

Fashionista reports that one — Kirsten — is the founder of an e-commerce venture capital firm, while another — Kate — is a branch chief of operations for engineering at a space agency, among others in different industries, sharing in a release that they strategically chose women in fields that are “notorious for under-representing the ladies.”

Reformation founder Yael Aflalo explained to Glamour the company’s decision to cast the women in this way:

“We’ve always admired like-minded women who get sh*t done and make a big impact in whatever field they’re in…So we wanted to celebrate a group of ladies who share that passion for leadership and change.”

Sharing that the campaign aims to bring a new meaning to the term “power dressing,” Aflalo told Glamour that it’s all about wearing pieces that make you feel confident.

“We do think clothes have the power to make you feel a bit more confident,” Aflalo said. “Power dressing is not as much about what you’re wearing, like a business suit vs a backless dress, but more about how it makes you feel.”

Shop the collection here.

U.S. woman first to win NYC Marathon since 1977

History-making moments don’t come around every day, but for Shalene Flanagan, Nov. 5 brought one of those moments.

According to the New York Daily News, American distance runner Shalane Flanagan won this year’s women’s New York City Marathon, completing the race in unofficial time of 2:26:53. This, says the News, makes Flanagan “the first American woman to win the signature distance race since Miki Gorman won in 1977.”

Flanagan previously finished sixth in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, but the News says her victory at the recent Marathon prevented previous winner and Kenya native Mary Keitany from achieving her fourth win, leaving beyind Keitany and Ethiopian competitor Mamitu Daska near the Mile 23 mark.

Way to go, Shalene!


Cosmetic company to go vegan

There’s nothing better when a product you love cares about the same causes and concerns you do — just look at Hourglass Cosmetics.

According to Glamour, the company is pledging that by 2020, all of their products will be 100 percent vegan. While Glamour says that a significant portion of their products are already produced cruelty-free, the move to be entirely vegan comes as a way for the company to commemorate World Vegan Day.

Glamour reports that the changes may come in the form of removing commonly-found animal by-product ingredients in makeup such as beeswax and Carmine, a dye that is crafted from beetles’ wings (typically categorized as “CI 75470” on makeup ingredients lists). But because the majority of their products are already vegan, Glamour says only a handful of products may genuinely be affected, including their Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder and their Modernist Eyeshadow Palette, among others.

For a full list of the products that will change because of their vegan initiative, click here.