H&M to launch affordable luxury brand

The words “affordable” and “luxury” hardly ever appear in the same sentence, but H&M is about to make this seemingly impossible combination a reality.

According to ELLE, the retailer is set to unveil an affordable luxury brand called “Nyden” that’s specifically targeted to millennial shoppers. Combing two Swedish words meaning “new” and “it,” ELLE reports that the line will “not follow trends, nor will it follow the traditional fashion calendar,” dropping new products on a limited basis and with varying price points.

Heading up the new brand will be Oscar Olsson, who ELLE says has been with H&M since 2013, most recently serving as head of their Innovation Lab that researched fashion’s future and the means by which people will shop in years to come.

With a specific rollout and pricing system, it should also come as no surprise that Olsson has a specific customer base in mind for Nyden: the “Netocrat.” ELLE says Olsson defined the term to New York Magazine as a shopper that is “more sensitive than ever to credibility, authenticity, and personality,” not to mention “exploitation of themselves or other people.”

So when is this new brand supposed to debut? ELLE reports that it will make its arrival in early 2018 and will only be sold “exclusively and via pop-up events.”

Munn motions for end to sexual assault

With sexual misconduct at the fore of public discussion, Olivia Munn is keeping the conversation going with a brand-new essay she penned for Entertainment Weekly.

Following her own tale of being on the receiving end of sexual harassment, Glamour says the actor wrote an essay identifying the ways in which our culture must shift in order to prevent abuses of power and further sexual misconduct, starting by pointing out the root of such actions:

“In our world today—and it’s not just Hollywood, it’s the same for girls and women all over the world who have survived sexual abuse and/or harassment—abusers don’t usually get in trouble unless the victim is broken first, because the violating act alone is not damaging enough to spark society’s outrage. It’s a marathon towards self-destruction in order to gain credibility and a vicious circle of victim-blaming. When people ask how these men in powerful positions were able to hurt so many people for so many years, I look to the people at the top and ask those questions.”

Calling the issue not a women’s issue but “an abuse-of-power issue,” Glamour says Munn offered that nothing in our culture can be changed until we change the core of our institutions that breed sweeping male hegemony.

“…Until we eradicate the diseased roots of our infrastructure and make foundational, systemic changes, nothing will change,” she wrote. “We should create a zero-tolerance policy with actionable consequences for sexual assault and any other forms of abuse. Heads of studios, bosses, and CEOs should enforce equal pay because continuing to pay us less perpetuates a bias that women are inferior.”

Concluding her essay, Glamour says Munn asked that those in positions of power go against the system and work to create an inclusive and safe environment for women to grow, succeed and thrive, because after all, “We’re strong. We’re not afraid to call each other out—and we’re not afraid to call you out anymore either.”

Amen to that!

Read the full essay here.

ColourPop debuts new holiday collection

ColourPop has released the follow-up to its May collaboration with social media beauty maven iluvsarahii, and it’s perfectly timed for the holiday season.

According to PopSugar, the brand initially teased the collaboration on Instagram, showing the influencer “rocking a glossy lip with ’90s-esque obvious liner” wearing lip shades in a “champagne shimmer” and a “berry red.” Another shot shows iluvsarahii (aka Karen Sarahi Gonzalez) modeling a foiled-red lip color.

Ready to snag these lip colors? Click here to shop all ColourPop x iluvsarahii products, which retail between $5 and $54.

Apatow gets real on sexual harassment

Sometimes, all it takes is one person to point out the obvious. In this case, that person was Hollywood director Judd Apatow.

According to HuffPost, when Apatow appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” last week, he took a moment to address the reaction to recent Hollywood sexual misconduct scandals, offering that men’s response to such cases shouldn’t hinge on whether or not they know women personally.

“My instinct is always to say the thing they say, ‘Don’t say.’ Which is … it concerns me, as a father of two daughters,” he said. “It concerns me. But you shouldn’t have to have daughters to get that it’s disgusting.”

Putting his remarks into further — and funnier — context, HuffPost says he broke it down this way: “You should be able to say as the owner of a bird, I’m disgusted. Everybody should be disgusted. It’s horrible.”

But Apatow didn’t just make sure that everyone knows that sexual harassment is objectively wrong no matter how many women men may have in their lives; HuffPost says he also gave a bit of advice on how to avoid being a ‘harasser.’

“It’s so easy to not be a sexual harasser…You just literally do nothing. You do nothing.”

Céline’s creative director leaving label

After 10 years of serving as creative director for one of the most recognizable luxury brands, Phoebe Philo is moving on from her post at Céline.

According to GlamourWWD confirmed the news of her departure last week, citing the label’s Fall 2018 collection as her last for the French brand. In statement sent to her staff, WWD reports that Philo described her time with the company as “exceptional” and “amazing,” also sharing her gratitude for working with “an incredibly talented and committed team.”

This isn’t Philo’s first stint as a brand’s creative director, says Glamour; previously, she worked under Stella McCartney at Chloé and eventually became their creative director in 2001 and later left in 2006. She was also named the British Fashion Council’s Designer of the Year in both 2005 and 2010, according to Glamour.

While her replacement has yet to be announced, Philo’s future plans also remain a mystery, as Glamour speculates that she may take a gap between projects like she did when she left Chloé, taking a two-year respite to raise her children.

But wherever she ends up, we know one thing’s for sure: Philo will be a success in whatever her next venture may be.

Happy Holidays from THL!

The first day of November hit, and suddenly, the world turned its attention to the holidays. Ads appeared everywhere boasting holiday sales, the biggest savings you’d see all year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday came and went with a deluge of emails urging us all to shop, shop, shop.

While I am one to love shopping — and writing about shopping — today is a day to remember that Christmas and the holiday season in general are not about buying clothes or stocking up on makeup. They are not about clipping coupons or heading out to shop at  the stroke of midnight.

Not even remotely.

The holidays are about family. They are about spending time with the people you love the most, and letting them know how much they mean to you. They are about drawing each other near and holding each other close, being grateful to have people who love you and ground you in the midst of the craziness that is our world today.

They are about remembering your past and being hopeful for your future. They are about giving more than you receive, and not just giving in a monetary or commercial way, but giving of time, love, patience and care. They are about opening our hearts, clearing our minds and just being present in a fleeting moment in time that will soon be a mere memory.

I know I have a lot to be grateful for: from my family and friends, to my job and this labor of love that is THL, my life is filled with blessings both large and small over which I continually pinch myself.

So today, I will take stock not of the gifts that were under my Christmas tree, but of the gifts I’ve been given throughout my life and the gift that is my life in general.

I urge you all to try do the same, not just today, but every day. I know I will.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you all a very happy holiday season.




Drake designs collab with Canada Goose

Winter coats are getting a whole new attitude, thanks to a collaboration between Drake and Canada Goose.

According to Cosmopolitan, the rapper and singer’s fashion collective October’s Very Own and Canada Goose launched a capsule collection of their Chilliwack bomber parkas,  along with “aviator hats, scarves, and beanies for both men and women in shades of steel gray and ‘pink dawn,’ aka millennial pink.”

The blush coats offer both the swag of Champagne Papi himself along with the traditional warmth and quality of the Canada Goose brand, says Cosmo, featuring their signature fur hood with Drake’s additional gold hardware and embroidery.

As for the prices, Cosmo says the collection “starts at $95 for a beanie and the bombers are each $1,095.”

Shop the collection here.

Fenty to launch new lipsticks

Fenty Beauty is just a gift that keeps on giving.

According to Fashionista, the Rihanna-created makeup collection is set to release a new lipstick line filled with all-new matte lip colors. Called MatteMoiselle, Fashionista says the line will feature “14 shades, ranging from nudes to reds to a bold violet, a green and even a dark navy shade,” coming in a solid instead of paint form.

And, with Fenty Beauty being the gift it is, the brand is keeping true to form, as Fashionista reports that the new shades will be available online and in stores at Sephora and Harvey Nichols starting on Dec. 26.


Kors to nix fur in 2018

Fashion is about to get a little more animal-friendly in 2018, thanks to Michael Kors.

According to Glamour, the American luxury brand announced plans to “to be fur-free by the end of December 2018,” putting forth a commitment to replace animal fur with alternatives created by “technological advances in fabrications” that will create “a luxe aesthetic using non-animal fur.” Glamour says the change will take effect in both the Michael Kors brand and its recently-acquired Jimmy Choo.

The decision follows a June protest in which Kors’ on-stage interview with journalist Alina Cho was interrupted by 20 animal rights activists, says Glamour, while his SoHo store was picketed by PETA protesters back in February.

While the move is certainly a step in the right direction, the Kors brand isn’t the first to decide to go fur-less, Glamour reports, with brands like Gucci, Calvin Klein and Armani also pledging similar action in recent years.



Actresses to go to ‘Globes’ in black

While the Golden Globes are meant to be a celebration of talent in Hollywood, this year, things may be looking a littler darker.

According to People, sources confirmed that “many major actresses — including presenters and nominees (Jessica Chastain, Meryl Streep and Emma Stone are among those nominated) — are planning to wear all-black looks as a symbol of protest against harassment in Hollywood.”

The move comes as many prominent men in Hollywood — from Harvey Weinstein to Kevin Spacey to Dustin Hoffman — have been accused of sexual misconduct by Hollywood’s top leading ladies, executives and assistants, among others.

With the Globes kicking off awards season, People also reports that the protest may continue for other awards shows this year.