Nail brand launches first makeup products

There are few things better than affordable, yet high-quality makeup and now, one more company is joining the ranks of producing just that.

According to Cosmopolitan, nail color line SinfulColors is teaming up with actor/musician  Vanessa Hudgens to dive into the world of cosmetics that offers a bold twist on traditional makeup products. Living up to its name, Cosmo says the line deals less in “basics” and more in “metallic brow gels and blue cream shadows.”

Offering gel eyeliner in colors like plum and rose gold, as well as eyebrow tint in copper and burgundy, the line delivers a trendy look that is just as intriguing as it is stunning.

As for Hudgens, the brand’s global color collaborator told Cosmo that her favorite product from the line is the Diva Lash Color Mascara, offering that its striking colors are a unique way to accentuate your eyes, just as the whole line poses a incomparable form of self-expression.

” I love this collection because they’re all about self-expression and wearing makeup without any rules,” she said. “If you’re feeling just a tiny pop of color, do a normal mascara and then just take the color and brush it onto the ends or if you’re feeling like, might as well go for it, just lather it on.”

So far, only a few products are available on Amazon, though Cosmo says the full collection will be available online and at CVS and Walmart starting January 2018. However, what’s for sale so far comes in under $10 — so you can get punched-up color for a palatable price.

Check out the products here.


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