Kors to nix fur in 2018

Fashion is about to get a little more animal-friendly in 2018, thanks to Michael Kors.

According to Glamour, the American luxury brand announced plans to “to be fur-free by the end of December 2018,” putting forth a commitment to replace animal fur with alternatives created by “technological advances in fabrications” that will create “a luxe aesthetic using non-animal fur.” Glamour says the change will take effect in both the Michael Kors brand and its recently-acquired Jimmy Choo.

The decision follows a June protest in which Kors’ on-stage interview with journalist Alina Cho was interrupted by 20 animal rights activists, says Glamour, while his SoHo store was picketed by PETA protesters back in February.

While the move is certainly a step in the right direction, the Kors brand isn’t the first to decide to go fur-less, Glamour reports, with brands like Gucci, Calvin Klein and Armani also pledging similar action in recent years.



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