Bite Beauty brings new universally-flattering multisticks

Makeup products that are easy to use are great, but what’s even better are those that are easy to use AND are flattering to all skin tones.

Just take Bite Beauty’s new “Prismatic Pearl” multisticks, for example: according to PopSugar, the new multifunctional stick is “packaged like a pen” and allows you to add all kinds of shimmery goodness to your eyes, lips and even cheeks. Multisticks are available in six universally-flattering shades, says PopSugar, which means there is a good chance that everyone can get in on the sparkly fun.

The new product follows up on a previous Bite Beauty item — the Crème Lip Gloss — that was available in a hue also called “Prismatic Pearl,” says PopSugar, but these multisticks aren’t just for your lips like the gloss of the past.

So how much will this beauty set you back? Your makeup bag’s new utility player will only snag you for $24.

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