NYT creates sexual harassment ad, stirs emotions

Sometimes, a simple advertisement can be as powerful as art, music or movies, and a recent New York Times ad sure moved mountains of emotions in viewers everywhere.

According to HuffPost, the powerhouse newspaper released an advertisement than ran during the recent broadcast of the Golden Globes that “references the newspaper’s bombshell report where several notable women said Harvey Weinstein sexually assaulted and harassed them, as well as the #MeToo campaign.”

All set against a stark white background, the simple but powerful ad features all text that begins with the words, “He said.” The next pair of words to pop up on the screen were, “She said.” The pattern continues for a bit until HuffPost says eventually, the words, “She said” take over the screen — or, until the female voice finally has the last word.

With female voices of our day finally being heard and believed, it comes as no surprise that the ad conjured strong emotions in viewers; in fact, HuffPost says tweets began pouring in as the ad aired, with some calling it “powerful” and “perfection.”

While HuffPost says others though the ad was “off” or “tone-deaf,” one thing is certain: the female voice has been unleashed, and it will not be silenced.

Watch the full ad here.

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