Chanel’s new beauty product will blow your mind

What’s pink, comes in a round disc and found in your favorite beauty store?

If you’re thinking the answer is a cushion compact, you’d be incorrect. That’s because Chanel has disguised their newest product to be as convenient and as portable as your favorite compact. According to PopSugar, the luxury brand took a typical compact — encased in millennial pink, of course — and instead of placing a makeup-soaked pouf inside, there is a fragrance-filled cushion.

Featuring their famous Chance scent, PopSugar says this new product eliminated the need to carry the fragrance with you, allowing you to “use the applicator to dab this scent on your neck, wrists, collarbone, or anywhere else your heart desires.”

So how much does this nifty fragrance sidekick cost? PopSugar says their Chance Eau Tendre product retails for an even $70. It’s available to purchase right now on Chanel’s website.

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