Plus models take stand at London Fashion Week

Creating major change comes from the inside out — and that’s exactly what’s happening in the fashion industry.

According to Glamour, model Hayley Hasselhoff led a group of her model peers in a protest during London Fashion Week. Glamour reports that in union with a “campaign organized by plus-size fashion retailer Simply Be, the 25-year-old model and seven others posed in their underwear outside the London Fashion Week hub,” holding signs that said “‘Love Your Curves,’ ‘Curves Shouldn’t Mean Compromise,’ and ‘LFW—Where Are the Curves? according to the Evening Standard.”

Hasselhoff said that the move aimed to show that beauty comes in every size, despite the fashion industry’s tendency to portray only a slim standard of beauty.

“We want to give women everywhere the confidence to be who they are. This is only achieved by showing a wide variety of models, irrespective of size,” she said, according to Glamour. “By tearing up the one-size-fits fashion rule book, we hope to encourage any woman, whatever her size, to feel fabulous in their skin.”

Chief executive of the parent company of Simply Be Angela Spindler explained, however, that in an attempt to break down such rigid depictions of beauty to allow room for more, they aren’t about to resort to body shaming to achieve their goal.

“This isn’t about ‘skinny shaming’,” she said, Glamour reports. “We think that shape should be celebrated irrespective of size, and it’s time that the industry became more diverse—after all, fashion is for everyone.”

Amen to that.

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