Fenty unveils new body glitter

Just in time for spring and summer, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is gracing us with the perfect product for off-the-shoulder weather.

According to Glamour, the multi-hyphenate recently unveiled brand-new body glitter products that will make your skin look equal parts dewy and shimmery. The brand’s two body glitter products offer similarly gorgeous results: Glamour says Body Lava is a “shimmer-packed liquid highlighter,” while Fenty’s Fairy Bomb offers a powder puff alternative that is “packed with shimmer inside.”

So far, the Body Lava is available in two shades, says Glamour, which include Brown Sugar — a shimmery bronze — and Who Needs Clothes, which is a peachy-champagne color. Instagram photos of the products show Rihanna using a kabuki brush to meld the product into her skin, Glamour reports, so you know when you buy your Body Lava that you’ll also be purchasing the adjoining brush.

The Fairy Bomb, however, offers a much more subtle sheen than an all-out glitter, Glamour says, with the fluffy pouf coming in a pretty rose gold shade.

So how much will all this set you back? Each Body Lava will hit you for a lofty $59 at Sephora, while the Fairy Bomb will cost $42. Despite their lofty price tags, one thing is for sure — when these products drop on April 6, we will all be lining up to make our purchases.

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