Williams launches self-titled fashion collection

She’s already at the top of the sports world, and now, she’s coming in hot into the world of fashion.

According to Vogue, tennis superstar and all-around badass Serena Williams has just launched her own “direct-to-consumer fashion collection of sportswear and eveningwear” in which “every piece is under $250.”

Simply called “Serena,” Vogue says the line contains 12 items that “spans underwear, denim, tees, jackets, and an olive green silk crepe slip dress,” though the collection will expand throughout the summer and fall with new releases.

As for Williams’ influence in the line, Vogue says the phenom hand-selected the material for the slip dress to ensure that it was different that others offered on the market.

“The slip dress is so classic, and I wanted to bring it in more of a silk crepe, something that has more texture. You know, usually silk slips are just smooth—which I love—but I wanted to do something different,” she told Vogue. “You know I love to be different.”

And being different is something she is hoping to achieve in another way — by making pieces from the line as affordable and quality as possible, without compromising either.

“We want people to be able to actually look good and not have to overpay for it,” she told Vogue. “That’s what I want to do. I want to make pieces that you look good in, that aren’t outrageously priced.”

Ready to shop the collection? Click here.

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