NYPD hires first turbaned Sikh female

There’s a first for everything, and for the NYPD, a brand-new officer is making much-needed waves in the name of inclusivity.

According to the Huffington Post, 20-year-old Gursoch Kaur from Queens, New York, has become the first turbaned Sikh woman to join the NYPD follower her May graduation from the New York Police Academy.

HuffPost says that her accomplishment is especially meaningful when placing it within the context of Sikh representation, not to mention female representation within the NYPD:

“Around 35,400 full-time uniformed officers work for the NYPD, 190 of whom are Sikh, according to the Sikh Officers Association,” reports HuffPost. “Around 10 are women.”

Kaur will begin her career in the NYPD as an Auxiliary Police Officer (APO), says HuffPost, which is an “officer who’s trained to assist local police precincts, housing police service areas and transit districts.”

As for how Kaur feels about being the one to break the dam for others to follow in her path, she only has one word: blessed.

“I feel blessed. The only reason people are interested is because of my dastar (turban).” she told Desi Talk, according to HuffPost. “People haven’t seen anything like that. It’s great because it gives me an opportunity to tell them what’s behind the turban, educate them. That’s how we love one another.”


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