Makeup brand has gun violence mission

Lipstick is for more than just painting them a vibrant hue — it’s about much more, thanks to The Lipstick Lobby.

According to Bustle, this “social justice-minded makeup brand” has released a new lipstick shade that aims to raise awareness on the issue of gun violence and try to eliminate the problem altogether.

The Lipstick Lobby’s “Fired Up” lipstick shade — a bright orange-red blend that contains Vitamin C and E and glides on in a matte finish — not only packs a punch in terms of color, it also vegan and cruelty-free, says Bustle, making it even more of a do-gooder lipstick.

As if that’s not enough, Bustle reports that Lipstick Lobby will also donate the net proceeds from the sales of the $19 shade to The Brady Center, an “advocacy group that is working to reduce gun deaths by half as of 2025.”

Ready to make a purchase and help stomp out gun violence? Click here.

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