Jenkins to become highest paid female director

She brought you the summertime blockbluster Wonder Woman and as talks of her return to direct the sequel heating up, it looks like Patty Jenkins may be getting the recognition she so deserves.

According to IndieWire, Deadline reports that the Wonder Woman director is “very close to signing on to direct “Wonder Woman 2” for an undisclosed sum that will make her the highest paid female director in the business.” While the exact amount of her earnings has not yet been disclosed, IndieWire says it should be similar to other directors of her caliber.

As it should be — IndieWire reports that not only was Wonder Woman the biggest superhero movie of 2017, it’s popularity helped it become the third highest grossing film in Warner Brothers history following The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. As if that weren’t enough, IndieWire says the film was also “the top grossing live action film ever made by a female filmmaker.”

Congratulations, Patty!


Huffine launches lingerie collaboration with Fortnight

A new collaboration is on the horizon, this time from the minds of model Candice Huffine and the folks at Fortnight Lingerie.

According to InStyle, the model is teaming up with Fortnight Lingerie to release a 12-piece collection of comfortable, yet sexy lingerie in a range of sizes. Available in sizes up to XXL and a G-cup, InStyle reports that the line “features everything from high-waisted briefs (that are anything but matronly) to cute teddies and longline bras all in cool prints created specifically for the brand.”

With a variety of sizes and styles available, Huffine told InStyle that even details right down to the print are designed to encourage individuality.

“The print is slightly different on each piece,” she said. “I wanted women to celebrate themselves and their own individually. These pieces are powerful and feminine.”

Even the pieces themselves are created with the idea that every woman can wear them according to their own style; they don’t have to be just lingerie, says Huffine.

“Try the bodysuit as a top or a tank, and don’t be afraid to layer,” she told InStyle. “I tried the bodysuit with a t-shirt underneath. I rolled the sleeves and paired it with jeans. The longline bras would look beautiful under a sheer top. The possibilities are endless.”

To see the possibilities for yourself, check out the Candice Huffine X Fortnight collection and

Disney launches #DreamBigPrincess campaign

Being a princess isn’t reserved for characters in Disney movies; in fact, they are coming to life and expanding their purpose, thanks to Disney’s new photo campaign.

According to Glamour, Disney recently launched an all-new campaign called #DreamBigPrincess, which “tapped 19 female photographers in 15 countries to create portraits of inspiring women and girls who live in the real world, not in Disneyland—everyone from park rangers in Kenya to a Chinese Paralympian to the author of a coding book for kids.”

In addition to showcasing girls that are powerful in their own ways, Glamour reports that Disney is also working with Girl Up,  a foundation part of the U.N. With every public photo posted to social media with the hashtag #DreamBigPrincess or every like on one of those posts, Disney will donate $1 — up to $1 million.

One of the photographers on the series was Kate T. Parker, says Glamour, who photographed her daughter’s soccer team, as well as Grace — an aspiring Paralympian —  depicting the girls as both athletic and strong, instead of merely meek and demure. Despite the girls’ lack of fancy outfits and royal palaces, Parker told Glamour that the girls she photographed are every bit princesses.

“Princesses are great role models, they show strength and power and determination,” she said. “Princesses can look perfect and be perfect and have their hair done, but then the next moment they can be having a mud fight.”

Lindsay sells ‘Bachelorette’ clothes to benefit ACLU

Getting rid of old clothing can do more than just make room in your closet for some new styles; it can actually benefit a worthy organization.

Just ask Rachel Lindsay, the star of the most recent season of The Bachelorette. According to InStyle, the lawyer and reality show star is “auctioning off clothes she wore as a contestant on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor” to benefit the ACLU. The sale, which is hosted by ThredUP, went live on Aug. 15, says InStyle, with 100 percent of the proceeds being donated to the ACLU.

InStyle reports that items on the auction block include “the drop earrings that she wore to win the First Impression Rose on her very first night, the bodysuit she donned on her date with Nick in New Orleans, and the “infamous” penguin onesie that she chose as her look for the Fantasy Suites.”

As for Lindsay, she wrote in an Instagram post announcing the sale that the auction not only allows her to “get a fresh start with my new fiancé,” it also benefits “an organization that’s important to [her] now more than ever.”

Check out the cool items Lindsay is selling here.

Blogger highlights differences in body perception

We all tend to be our own worst critics, but sometimes, women tend to magnify their so-called flaws even more. However, it takes major reflection to be able to call out your own  self-deprecation.

Take Louise Aubery, for example. According to Refinery29, the student and blogger recently took to Instagram to post side-by-side photos of herself, one in which she points out all the things she thinks are “wrong” with her body and her looks, while in the duplicate image, she highlights what viewers of the image likely see.

” I always see what is wrong. ‘Too close.’ ‘My nose appears too big.’ ‘My legs look too white.’ ‘I look terrible,'” she wrote in the photo’s caption.  “This is usually what follows when someone show me a picture they took of me .”

However, Aubery continued by saying that she is never as harsh on other people as she is on herself.

“On the contrary, I tend to focus on their assets,” she said. “So why not do the same with yourself?”

Refinery29 reports that she later told Metro that the post was inspired by noticing that social media has, in her eyes, allowed us to compare ourselves to others instead of acting as an empowerment tool. Yet, while Aubery notes that she hoped her post would help inspire women to go easier on themselves, she told Metro it ultimately takes time for anyone to stop the self-criticism.

“It can’t happen in one day and it all comes down to practice: waking up telling you three things you are grateful for today, stating one thing you like about yourself every time you caught yourself despising something, and actually talking about it with like minded people.”

Oprah to debut healthy comfort food line

If you’ve ever wished for creamy, rich mashed potatoes you gobble down on Thanksgiving to be healthy, Oprah is coming to your rescue.

According to Today, the legendary TV talk show host is set to launch a line “healthier spins on comfort food classics” in a partnership with Kraft Heinz that is also free of artificial dyes and additives. Appropriately called “O, That’s Good!“, Today says the line will take the form of refrigerated, prepared foods that are inspired by Oprah’s own attempts to cook healthy yet appetizing meals.

“I was sitting at my table in my own home and had whipped up some cauliflower, trying to make myself think I was eating mashed potatoes, but it was not working,” Oprah told USA Today, according to Today. “So I thought, ‘What if I used a portion of the mashed potatoes and added the cauliflower? Then, I would have a substantive mashed potato-cauli dish.'”

Thus spawned some of the dishes served up in Oprah’s new line, which Today says includes the mashed potato-cauliflower dish, as well as a broccoli-cheddar soup with butternut squash.

As if this line could not get any better (or tastier!), Today reports that 10 percent of the line’s proceeds will “go toward charities fighting to end world hunger.”

Ready for some O-mazingly yummy treats? The line will hit stores in Octobersays Today, with soups costing $4.99 and sides priced at $4.49.

Bebe Rexha unveils collaboration with Gilt

It’s not enough to drop a new album — at least, it’s not enough for Bebe Rexha.

According to InStylethe singer unveiled a new clothing collection on Friday, Aug. 11, the same day her new EP All Your Fault: Pt 2 droppedA collaboration with “flash sale website” Gilt, InStyle says Rexha teamed up with the company to launch an 11-piece collection of jackets featuring lyrics to her songs.

As for Rexha’s favorite piece from the collection, she told InStyle that two of the denim jackets steal her heart.

“I love the hand-airbrushed denim jacket with the album artwork from “The Way I Are” and the “Bad Bitch” distressed white denim jacket,” she shared.

Ready to don some of the swaggiest jackets around? Then you better hurry, because the styles are only available on Gilt for a limited time!

USMC rumored to move toward gender equality

Gender equality may find its way into the male-dominated territory of the United States Marine Corps.

According to Glamour, the Associated Press reported that “senior Marine leaders are now considering allowing women to attend what has traditionally been a male-only combat training facility in Southern California.” Additionally, officials may also allow women to train at the all-male San Diego facility, says Glamour, as opposed to attending their typical boot camp in South Carolina.

Prior to these rumors, Glamour reports that many argued in support of separate training facilities, asserting that they allow women to “become more physically competitive before joining their male counterparts,” while also giving women a support system to help them through their first stages of military service.

Meanwhile, others say that allowing men and women to train together may help foster more positive relationships and respect for female service members, according to Glamour.

Here’s hoping the USMC can address this gender divide.

Ratajkowski partners with The Kooples for new bag collection

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski can now add a new item to her resume: handbag designer.

According to PopSugar, Ratajkowski partnered with French fashion retailer The Kooples to design the brand’s first handbag collection, one of which the 26-year-old debuted at The Koople’s launch event at Hotel de Crillon in Paris. The model also served as the entire Fall 2017 collection.

Named the “Emily,” PopSugar says the handbag “comes in a boxy silhouette with adjustable straps and gold hardware” and is “offered in red, black, and taupe,” while also available in three different sizes, so you can be sure to snag the style that works best for you.

While the purse doesn’t go on sale until Sept. 1, PopSugar reports that the purse is currently available for preorder, with the small version priced at $375 and the larger version retailing for $495.


Lilly Pulitzer unveils new ‘Print with Purpose’

Lilly Pulitzer‘s cheerful, nautical-inspired prints are getting a new addition — that’s all for a good cause.

According to InStyle, the brand announced their second Prints with Purpose capsule collection, which aims to benefit marine life. Called “Tortuga Time,” the “the six-piece line is filled with sea shells, sea turtles and sea grass prints,” says InStyle, and sales of the pieces will directly benefit the sea turtle hospital at Loggerhead Marinelife Center in Juno Beach, Fla.

CEO of the Loggerhead Marinelife Center Jack E. Lighton discussed the importance of having Lilly Pulitzer bring attention to sea turtles and marine life in a statement, saying that he hopes the line will bring due attention to a worthy cause.

“Sea turtles tell us the health of our ocean; the ocean tells us the health of our planet,” Lighton said. “Looking good while doing good is a hallmark of Lilly Pulitzer, and this print will support our mission of sea turtle and ocean conservation.”

Ready to shop Lilly styles for a good cause? Click here. And of course, visit the Loggerhead Marinelife Center’s website to learn more about their mission and their environmental work by clicking here.