New Barbie models STEM career path

Looks like Barbie had a career change.

According to CBSBarbie no longer just has a passion for fashion, but instead is forging ahead in the field of engineering, and showing kids everywhere that such a path is possible for them; now a robotic engineer, Barbie is now featured in over 200 career choices.

The doll is already resonating with young fans, CBS reports, with girls who are learning how to code and develop software as part of the work of the nonprofit Black Girls Code finding this Barbie especially relatable.

“I can like totally relate to her!” 11-year-old Sumayyah Green explained to a CBS affiliate. “She looks like me, she has the same interests as me.”

“And she has a puff! I’m like, ‘Yasss?'” said 15-year-old Kimora Oliver, according to CBS. “Like her, I love science. It’s my favorite subject in school,” she said, adding: “I think other girls will see this and be like, ‘I want to get in tech too!'”

The new Barbie comes complete with all the tools she needs for success, ranging from a computer to a robot and safety glasses, says CBS, but that’s not the only way the doll aims to get kids interesting in STEM fields: Mattel has also “partnered with Tynker, a game-based platform that helps kids learn to code, in launching six coding experiences at”

The new doll costs $14, says CBS, but the adjoining coding experiences are free.