DuVernay makes history again with new film feat

Just over three months into 2018, and Ava DuVernay has already had quite a year: the director and producer not only celebrated the release of her acclaimed and inclusive A Wrinkle in Time, she also made cinema history along with Black Panther, with her film and the Ryan Coogler project marking the first time in history that “films by black directors with $100 million plus budgets have ever placed in the first two box office spots.”

But now, DuVernay is making history again, this time by entering the superhero universe: according to Glamour, she will be “taking on Jack Kirby’s beloved series New Gods, which means she’s the first black woman, and only the second woman after Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins, to lead a DC comics blockbuster.”

Glamour said DuVernay confirmed her history-making news on Twitter, sharing a photo of Jack Kirby along with his quote, “Our dreams make us large.” Her tweet then spurred a deluge of support and praise, with some called her “The GOAT” (a.k.a the ‘greatest of all time’), while others expressed their congratulations and overwhelming excitement.

Adding to the excitement of DuVernay’s new project is that she is a fan of New Gods, says Glamour, sharing that her favorite superhero is “Big Barda, a powerful heroine with superhuman strength created by Kirby.” And, as Glamour points out, because the series only appeared in a limited way, DuVernay will have all the room to make New Gods her own.

And we know she will!

DuVernay makes history

Major congratulations are in order for lauded Hollywood director Ava DuVernay.

According to Motto by TIME, the Selma director will “be the first African-American woman to head a live-action feature film with a budget over $100 million with her forthcoming A Wrinkle in Time.” Motto says that DuVernay’s Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated Selma was produced with a budget of $20 million.

DuVernay shares this achievement with two other women, reports Motto: “Kathryn Bigelow, who was the first to direct a film with such a budget in her 2002 K-19: The Widowmaker, and Patty Jenkins with Wonder Woman, which comes out next year, reports Women and Hollywood.”

As if this recent accomplishment isn’t enough, DuVernay’s new OWN series, Queen Sugar, has also been renewed for a second season ahead of its Sept. 6 premiere, reports CNN. OWN President Erik Logan said the network instantly knew they wanted another season of the show the second they saw DuVernay’s work.

“When we saw the first cut from Ava we knew right away that we wanted a second season,” Logan said in a statement, according to CNN. “We think viewers are going to connect with the deeply layered characters and powerful story and are excited to be able to share with them Ava’s director’s cut on premiere night without interruption. We are proud to be a network that supports a filmmaker’s creative vision.”

DuVernay and Winfrey team up for children’s classic

After working together on the movie Selma and collaborating again on a new series for OWN called Queen Sugar (set to premiere on September 6), Oprah Winfrey and Ava DuVernay are set to work together for a third time, according to ELLE.

The pair is now taking on the children’s classic A Wrinkle in Timesays ELLE, part of a “science-fiction/fantasy series called the Time Quintet” that was penned by Madeleine L’Engle in 1963.

ELLE reports that Winfrey is in final negotiations to play the part of Mrs. Which, the “wisest of three mysterious characters who help two children find their lost father in another dimension.”

While ELLE says the character is portrayed as a light in the book, we’re pretty sure Winfrey will take the character to a whole new level — just as DuVernay will do the same to the entire film.

Be sure to keep an eye out for any further information about the film — THL certainly will!