Zendaya shares wisdom with young fans

In between promoting her new movie, The Greatest Showman, Zendaya took some time to  give advice to her youngest fans, and her words are exactly what we needed to hear.

According to Glamour, their November cover model shared in a video her experiences in working her way up through Hollywood as a young woman of color, as well as how her social media presence opened her eyes to the the weight of her own voice.

“As my social platforms grew, I realized that my voice was so much more important than I had originally thought,” she said in the five-minute video. “I think if every young person understood the power of their voice, things would be a lot different.”

When asked whether or not it was easy to follow her dreams, Zendaya explained that it’s never easy; in fact, it is quite the opposite.

“Following your dreams is never easy, really, because it’s gonna take work, and it’s gonna take dedication, and it’s gonna take focus, and it’s gonna take drive, but as long as you really love it and you really want it and you keep that laser focus, then nothing is impossible,” she said. “You got this.”

Thanks, Zendaya. We needed that. Hear more of what she has to say here.

Moore shares advice to younger self

If Mandy Moore could go back in time, she’d have quite a bit of advice to give to herself.

While sitting down with Todays One Small Thing series, the This is Us star shared a few pieces of advice and lessons learned, according to Today, underscoring both the power of positivity and the perks of saying “yes” more often.

Sharing advice to her younger self, Moore offered that she wished she enjoyed her youth more instead of being so intensely focused on building her career.

” I feel like I passed up opportunities to go on trips and go out to dinner and hang out with my friends because I was so focused on the task at hand,” she said. “So I would tell my younger self to take a breath, enjoy the world around you a little bit more.”

But Moore had more to share; Today says the multi-hyphenate also discussed how to stay positive in our highly culled social media culture.

“Step away from the computer. Step away from the handheld device every now and then. I think having an honest line of communication, acknowledging the world around you and your friends and the real life people who exist. So much of what we present to people is a curated version of our lives, and I think keeping that positive perspective could be helpful.”

But make no mistake: Moore also wants us to know that no matter how perfect social media accounts may seem, we as human beings don’t have to try to live up to that unattainable standard.

“We’re all going to have things we don’t love about ourselves, but embrace the positive attributes and aspects of who you are,” she told Today. “That’ll get you going a lot further.”

Couldn’t agree more, Mandy. Watch her One Small Thing video here.


Versace’s vogue advice

If you ever wanted to know what the secret to flawless fashion is, just ask Donatella Versace. Carrying the Versace brand into its 40th anniversary, it’s safe to say the fashion institution’s creative director knows a thing or two about how to make a statement with style.

So when she was asked by Vogue to share some of the lessons she’s learned over the years, Who What Wear says the fashion icon offered that a sense of fearlessness contributes to establishing your own unique fashion identity.

Explaining that women should be “brave and fearless in everything that you do, always, with no compromise ever,” Who What Wear says Versace’s message aligns with the overarching message of the fashion brand, which “has always stood for freedom and the right to truly be yourself.”

She also goes on to share with Vogue that it takes great strength and determination to be a woman in the fashion industry:

“Women have to prove themselves more than men, have to fight to have their voice heard,” she told Vogue. “Times have changed, and things are getting better for women.We can be all we want to be—I’m an artistic director, I’m a businesswoman, I’m a mother, I’m an advocate for change, and I’m a friend. I think in the 20th century, this was true. It was much harder to be a woman in fashion than a man.”

Want more pearls of wisdom from this industry icon? Click here.

If she knew then what she knows now…

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has some advice, not just for her young female fans, but also for her younger self.

According to People, Clarke offered some advice to her 18-year-old self in a video for Teen Vogue on relationships, body image and everything in between that women of all ages can relate to and benefit from.

The actress addressed her younger self this way: “18-year old Emilia, I’m going to quote this Sunscreen song at you, I know you know it. You are not as fat as you think you are,” she said. “There are some women who look some way, and there are other women who look another way. Like a whole other way. And the way that the other women look, people love. Because they look like women.”

Even sharing a some relationship advice, Clarke she’s learned that the risk of heartbreak is worth the reward of true love later in life.

“You’re going to feel some serious heartbreak,” she said in the video, according to People. “You’re going to feel some proper things, and the reason why it’s going to hurt so much it’s because, that heartbreak is going to make you doubt yourself. You put yourself out on a plate, and you bare everything, and someone says that they don’t really like that, so that makes you feel like you’re not worth it.”

But she said, you will find people who will make you feel worthy. “But you are, and there are lots of people who are going to tell you that you’re worth it. The people in your life when all the lights are off, the real people you really love, just hug them like everyday.”

As if this advice weren’t enough, People says Clarke also shared what she’s learned in trying to break onto the acting scene.

“There are going to be times when someone says, that dream that you’ve had, your entire life, the moment that someone says that’s impossible, it is,” she explained. “I know you didn’t get into drama school this time around, but, you will. You have the strength to overcome it.”

But perhaps her best advice came when she concluded with this piece of wisdom:

“Little Emilia, I’m just going to say that it’s autumn right now, but winter is coming.”




Rowland imparts wisdom in ELLE interview

With a stint in the successful Destiny’s Child, a fruitful solo music career and a forthcoming makeup line, it’s safe to say that Kelly Rowland has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. So when the accomplished singer and businesswoman imparts her keys to success, it’s probably best to listen up.

In a new interview with ELLE.com, Rowland shared 10 pearls of wisdom she has come to learn throughout her life. In between sharing how the perfect outfit or shoes can change your mood, the importance of taking care of yourself or even how women are better at juggling a work/family balance, Rowland had some important things to say about embracing difference and creating inclusive fashion and beauty industries.

In speaking on makeup, Rowland explained that the impetus for her new line came from her own personal experience. “This [makeup artist] made me so pink,” she told ELLE.com. “And then she tried again and I was green. She tried again and I was way fairer than what I really was — my neck and my face were a different color.”

While acknowledging the makeup artist’s attempt, Rowland said she then learned to carry her own makeup with her. Sharing that women of all skin colors should feel like they have makeup that will match their pigmentation, she explained the aim of her new makeup line.

“[My new makeup line], actually no one knows this, but we titled the project ‘For All Created Equal.’ It’s makeup for everybody. I think that a lot of women of color will sometimes feel like their color either is discontinued or, you know, not there…And I am making makeup for everyone. I’m going to make sure that I nail every single foundation and concealer color for women.”

Rowland also addressed the increasingly more representative fashion industry, sharing that she was so excited to see more diversity at this season’s Fashion Week.

“I literally got emotional because I was watching the women walk down the runway. All different skin colors and everything,” she told ELLE.com. “And when I saw these one, two, three, four ladies walk down the runway and they had little afros, I had tears in my eyes. Because there was a time where that wasn’t acceptable, and the fact that that is the style, it is the fashion, it is what’s cool, that’s awesome.”

But perhaps her best piece of wisdom came when she discussed the importance of embracing our differences. Telling ELLE.com that she wished someone had told her how unique she was, she said she believes that women aren’t often told of their positive differences.

“Sometimes we kind of get lost to what someone else is, or who they are, and what they say, and what they wear, and what they look like,” she said. “And it’s cool to be inspired — that’s one thing — but I feel like some of the young generation might want to try to be like someone else. And I think it’s important to be unique. The world would be so boring if everybody looked the same.”