She Leads, You Follow: People’s Choice Awards Edition

The People’s Choice Awards recognize America’s favorite celebrities, musicians, TV shows and films of the year, as chosen by the public. And while the fans may have chosen the winners, they certainly didn’t chose the winning red carpet fashions we saw on the red carpet of the Jan. 6 awards show.

Walking the red carpet outside the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles was actress Kate Hudson, who took a minimalistic approach to her red carpet look. Wearing a white jumpsuit, Hudson paired her look with a white clutch and silver drop earrings.

Alison Brie brought some subtle color to the red carpet when she wore this pale green dress for the awards. The “Community” and “Mad Men” star paired her faintly-colored frock with silver strappy sandals and some diamond bracelets.

Meghan Trainor opted for a sparkly black number to attend the PCAs, wearing a mini dress accented with gold sequins. The “All About That Bass” singer completed her look with a gold clutch and matching gold pumps.

Contrasting Trainor’s black ensemble was Camilla Luddington, who wore a  white mini dress with silver beading at the shoulder. The “Grey’s Anatomy” actress polished off her look with simple silver sandals and a black clutch.

Although these ladies are dressed to impress on the PCAs red carpet, there are elements of their looks that we can apply to the way we dress every day:

  1. Fit is key – This may seem like a given, but if the garment doesn’t fit, it will ruin your entire look. Notice that each outfit fits properly, whether it’s a dress or a jumpsuit. For instance, Hudson’s jumpsuit fits in the bust while the legs of the pants fall straight from her hip to the floor, and the hem of the pants stop right at the tips of her shoes. Brie’s cutouts end right at her natural waist, accentuating her waist and creating shape in the sheath-style skirt. Trainor’s dress also creates shape with its wide waistband, but the slightly exaggerated shoulder creates breadth at the shoulder while the lines of sequins in the skirt pull away from her waist and create curves at her hips. Finally, the seams at the shoulder of Luddington’s dress fit right at the top of the shoulder as they should, which is important because the beading serves to emphasize her shoulders while narrowing her waist and balancing out her hips. When shopping for yourself, look for small like these to ensure that the garment you are about to purchase fits you like a glove. If it doesn’t, don’t worry — you can always have a garment tailored so it does work for your body shape. Remember: if something doesn’t fit, don’t assume that you are the problem; make the clothes fit you, and don’t assume that you have to fit the clothes.
  2. Use details to your advantage – Brie’s dress and Luddington’s dress are perfect examples of how to use the small details of your outfit to work for your body type. Brie used cutouts to draw attention to her small waist, which in turn, creates curves on her body. The beading at the shoulder of Luddington’s dress broadens her shoulders, while simultaneously narrowing her waist and balancing out her hips. Looking for details like these in clothing allow you to play up your best features while downplaying anything you might be wary about. Features like these don’t have to be so blatantly obvious, either; a simple seam at the waist can achieve the same goal as Brie’s cutouts, while a slight pintucking detail at the shoulder of the sleeve on a blouse or dress can add some width to your shoulders in the same way Luddington’s beading does. Just remember: it’s all in the details.

She Leads, You Follow: ‘Sleeping With Other People’ Screening Edition

Although summer is slowly coming to a close, screenings of new summer movies show no signs of slowing down. On Monday, August 24, stars showed up in style to the screening of  Sleeping With Other People West Hollywood, California. And of course, each look was better than the next.

First to wow us at the screening was Kirsten Dunst, who wore an all-black Louis Vuitton top and skirt combination according to InStyle. She paired her paneled top and leather skirt with black pumps and silver earrings.

Alison Brie took to the red carpet in a white semi-sheer dress with black panels at the waist. She completed her look with silver sandals by Aldo and an equally shiny new ring on her finger — her brand new engagement ring.

Lizzy Caplan capped off our favorite looks of the night, wearing what InStyle reports as a black tropical print dress by Proenza Schouler. Caplan took her look to the next level with powder blue lace-up heels by Bionda Castana, while keeping her jewelry to a minimum with gold earrings.

Although these leading ladies are dressed up for a film screening, there are certain things we can learn from their looks that we can apply to our own everyday dressing.

  1. Monochromatic can be exciting – Kirsten Dunst’s monochromatic number shows us just how visually stimulating an outfit done in all one color can be. Her outfit incorporates different textures, such as the open mesh of her top and the diamond pattern on her skirt, that combine to create a very interesting look. If you are afraid of wearing an all-black look for fear of seeming boring, just remember that the outfit is only as interesting as the details it features. So be sure to mix different textures (like lace and leather, for example) to achieve a cohesive, yet intriguing look that will be far from boring.
  2. Panels, Panels, Panels – The importance of colorblocked panels cannot be stressed enough, and Alison Brie’s black and white dress is only another example of the miracles colorblocked panels can work in an outfit. The black panels on her dress cinch in right at her natural waist, creating the illusion of an even narrower midsection. Panels like these are a great camouflage tool, so if you are looking to incorporate them into your wardrobe, look for contrasting panels (black on white, white on black or any combination you like!) at the natural waist of tops, dresses and even high-waisted skirts that will make your waist seem tiny.
  3. Dare to be different – Lizzy Caplan paired her tropical frock with a very trendy lace-up heel done in an eye-catching sky blue. Shoes like these end up acting as a statement piece because they are so different from the rest of the outfit. But notice, however, that the blue of her shoes is also featured in small amounts in the print of her dress; this ends up tying the statement shoe back to the dress, creating a cohesive look. If you decide to go for a statement shoe in an outfit, make sure that it makes sense with your look; this could mean taking Caplan’s lead and wearing the shoe in a color that plays a supporting role in the print you’re wearing. Or it could mean wearing a more subdued, neutral outfit so you can make your new bright heels the main focus of your look.