BABOR to partner with All Woman Project

Luxury skincare brand BABOR is bringing its products and penchant for high-quality beauty products to North America in a brand-new collaboration with the All Woman Project.

According to a release, the brand’s collaboration with the body-positivity non-profit All Woman Project will be a two-pronged endeavor, featuring both a “limited-edition AWPxBABOR Beauty Ampoule Set, along with a creative awareness campaign.”

The beauty set will feature seven “beauty boosters”: four Hydra Plus Active Fluid Ampoules and three Active Night Fluid Ampoules that aim to “empower women at any age to have their best skin.” BABOR says that 50 percent of the sales from these kits will be donated to AWP to help them continue their mission of empowering women of all ages. But beyond featuring and selling these products, the campaign also seeks to show beauty in all of its forms.

Discussing the creative side of their campaign with AWP, Benjamin Simpson, SVP of Marketing at BABOR, said in a release that the visuals for their partnership will feature “a diverse group of inspiring women, including models, activists, mothers, designers, editors, and more” who “showcase a diverse range of beauty that is not retouched or Photoshopped.”

Included in this lineup of models for the campaign are AWP co-founders and models Charli Howard and Clementine Desseaux, as well as model Denise Bidot and creative director at Anne Klein Sharon Lombardo. With these women and more starring in the unretouched campaign, Simpson said he foresees the partnership playing an important role in continuing break open narrow definitions of beauty in the fashion industry and beyond.

“This campaign utilizes beautiful visuals that capture empowerment, strength, inclusivity, imperfections, and true beauty, while provoking an important conversation that is at the forefront not just of the beauty and fashion world, but within every part of a woman’s life today.”

As for the limited-edition beauty sets, they retail for $40 and are available exclusively at

All woman, all the time

Models of all sizes were front and center of a brand new campaign, and it’s proving that all sizes, shapes and figures have a place at the fore of the fashion industry — and in the world at large.

According to POPSUGAR, the All Woman Project — co-founded by models Charli Howard and Clementine Desseaux — recently convened some of the freshest faces in the modeling world for a photoshoot to advance their mission of body positivity and diversity, which included Aerie alum Iskra Lawrence, as well as model Denise Bidot.

The resulting photos from the #IAmAllWoman campaign were not only beautiful, but were also unretouched, POPSUGAR says, letting each woman’s natural beauty shine forth in both group and solo shots.

Desseaux explained part of the motivation to create the campaign in a press release:

“We may be models, but we all have cellulite, stretch marks and other flaws that make us women, but which society teaches us to be ashamed of … This campaign is designed to unify women around the globe.”

But beyond unifying women around the world, POPSUGAR reports Desseaux said she hopes young girls find inspiration int he movement and learn to love themselves as they are.

“We want all young girls to look at fashion images and see their body shape or ethnicity represented,” she said, “something that most of us starring in the video didn’t feel like we had growing up.”

To check out the campaign photos, click here — and be sure to support the campaign by clicking here.