‘Glamour’ goes all-female for February issue

When a magazine designed for women has most of their creative content done by men, there is a problem. That’s why Glamours latest issue features photography, styling, hair and makeup done solely by women.

On on Jan. 3 , Glamour Editor in Chief Cindi Leive published an article on the magazine’s website detailing the percentages of women contributing to the visual elements of the magazine that motivated the change.

“Only 37 percent of the photographers we were using in our own print pages were female, and 32 percent of the hairstylists. (Forty-nine percent of makeup artists were female, but dismayingly the ratio got lower as the story got bigger.)” she wrote.

Sharing that Glamour isn’t the only magazine with the issue, Leive said that she knew it was time to make a change and move toward gender parity. Beginning with their February issue, Leive wrote, “from first page to last, every photo we commissioned was created by a woman: photographers, stylists, hair, makeup, everything.”

Additionally, the magazine will make a concerted effort to increase the number of women in “creative-contributor roles” throughout the year, marking a New Year’s resolution of sorts for the glossy.

Leive closed her announcement of Glamour’s latest endeavor by pointing out that both men and women offer equally valuable contributions, ones that can only be recognized when they are given a chance to shine.

“Women and men alike can be adventurous, experimental, relatable, accessible, or wildly artistic, and our vision of fashion and beauty and life will be richer when all our voices are heard. I can’t wait for Glamour to be part of that.”

Kudos to you, Glamour.

She Leads, You Follow: ‘Hamilton’ Opening Night Edition

Summer often brings an onslaught of new movies to the big screen, with premieres and screenings happening every other day of the week. But this week, the Great White Way’s Richard Rogers Theatre played host to a debut of its own on August 6 — the opening night of the new musical “Hamilton.” 

As would be expected of a highly-anticipated Broadway musical’s opening night, the event turned out to be a star-studded affair filled with couture looks. The only problem this creates is deciding which was better: the musical or the fashion!

First to dazzle on the red carpet prior to the show was none other than Sarah Jessica Parker. According to InStyle, Parker stunned on the red carpet in an emerald green Elie Saab Haute Couture ballgown featuring a sparkly intricate embroidery and hidden side pockets. She offset her formal gown with natural hair and makeup, while adorning her wrists with green and white bangles.

Girls star Allison Williams strut her stuff down the red carpet in another head-turning look, wearing a silver beaded top and trouser set. She polished off her look with pin straight hair, a bold lip and pale pink teardrop earrings.

Although Parker and Williams are styled for the red carpet, there are some things we can learn from their formal style to apply to the way we dress everyday.

  1. Jewel tones are dazzling – Sara Jessica Parker’s emerald green ballgown shows us just how flattering jewel tones can be. In fact, jewel tones — like emerald green, amethyst purple and ruby red — are universally flattering colors, since they are rich, deep and highly saturated. To start working these colors into your wardrobe, start with accessories like a great leather handbag or even a pair of flats to try out the tones in small amounts. Once you find your favorite jewel-inspired colors, go for a top or a dress, and you’ll be surprised how much these tones will warm up your complexion.
  2. Elongate with wide-legged silhouettes – Allison Williams’ wide-legged trouser look is the perfect example of how flattering this style can be. Wide-legged trousers are the ultimate camouflage piece to add to your wardrobe, because when they start at the natural waist (as Williams’ trousers do), they create the illusion of your legs beginning at the waist, making them look much longer than they are. This style is also helpful in disguising a wider hip, since the leg of the trouser falls straight to the floor from the widest part of the hip. Pick up a pair of these trousers in the classic neutrals (black and navy) to start, and then work up to printed and embellished styles. To keep the legline long, just be sure that the material doesn’t pool around your ankles. To complete the illusion, pair these classy trousers with a sky-high heel, and you’ll have a perfect night-on-the-town look.