AE crafts denim hijabs

Clothier American Eagle is taking their signature denim and transforming it into a style that is accessible to all.

According to Her Campus, AE has just released a denim hijab, modeled by Muslim model Halima Aden. Initially announced with photos of the model in the denim hijab, Teen Vogue reports that shoppers were thrilled when they later found out that the style was for sale.

The denim hijab is currently available for $19.95 on AE’s website — also making it accessible to shoppers of all budgets — and comes in a medium, chambray-style wash.

With an all-American brand making style more inclusive, perhaps AE’s decision to create the denim hijab was best summed up by Fashionista: “What could be more American than the freedom to worship — and dress — according to your convictions?”

Show your pride in style

June is Pride Month, and as we are celebrating all of the LGBTQ+ friends and loved ones in our lives while also remembering LGBTQ+ history, we need to wear our hearts and our support on our sleeves — literally. But you don’t want to just buy any product; that’s why we compiled a few items that will not only help you celebrate Pride Month in style, but will also benefit some great organizations that support LGBTQ+ rights every day of the year.

Milk Makeup Glitter Stick

In honor of Pride Month, InStyle reports that Milk Makeup has introduced its first glitter product to its lineup. The multipurpose glitter highlighter not only “imparts a subtle sheen and you can put it on your bod, your cheeks, your lips, and your lids,” InStyle says half of its profits will be donated to The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center (The Center) in New York City. For $30, this cheerful little stick allows you to “express individuality, inclusivity, freedom, and joy” while also supporting a worthwhile organization.

Custom Converse Pride Shoes

If you’d rather invest in apparel, Converse recently unveiled a customizable line of unisex sneakers that can be tailor-made to your taste. Starting at a base price of $85, their high-top and low-top offerings can have everything from their body to their lining changed. And while you’ll end up with a sweet pair of kicks that will have you celebrating Pride Month well past the final day of June, Converse says the proceeds from each pair of custom Pride shoes sold will benefit the It Gets Better Project and the Happy Hippie Foundation, “two organizations committed to empoweringLGBTQ youth around the world.”

AEO Pride #WeAllCan Graphic Tee

Wear your pride on your sleeve with this #WeAllCan graphic T-shirt from American Eagle, which features the hashtag on the front with a list of all the things the LGBTQ+ community and its allies can do; from “Unite” to “Stand Up” to “Love Everyone,” the list concludes with “Pride 2017” to commemorate this year’s Pride Month. The best part: 100 percent of the proceeds from the sales of this T-shirt will be donated to the It Gets Better Project.

While half of June is already in the books, we still have the rest of the month to celebrate — and remember, standing up, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights and supporting our fellow human doesn’t end once the calendar hits July 1.

Happy Pride Month, everyone.


Aerie’s Got Body Positivity in the Bag

After the launch of the body-positive #AerieReal campaign in 2014, American Eagle has seen a significant increase in sales — something The Huffington Post says is due in part to Aerie’s message of body acceptance.

Chief Executive Officer Jay Schottenstein said in a press release that such initiatives have proven to boost the company’s sales. “The American Eagle brand delivered solid growth and Aerie exceeded our expectations,” he said.


Although the company seeks to close 150 stores by the end of 2016, “Aerie saw 26 percent sales growth in the fourth quarter of 2015 and 20 percent growth for the fiscal year.”

Such growth can largely be attributed to Aerie’s #AerieReal campaign, which features unedited photos in order to challenge “supermodel standards by featuring unretouched models in their latest collection of bras, undies and apparel.”

Aerie Global Brand President Jen Foyle told The Huffington Post in a statement on Tuesday, March 8 that she hopes #AerieReal’s success continues to spread messages of body positivity to women of all ages.

“We hope the growth and success of AerieREAL and our message of empowerment and body positivity will inspire the industry to challenge the status quo and be more inclusive of all girls.”



Take Her Look [For Less]

Nothing says it’s the holiday season quite like Christmas sweater — or a Fair Isle sweater, to be exact.

Actress Reese Witherspoon was spotted trolling about Los Angeles on Sunday, Dec. 13 in the cozy winter style, which she paired a classic pair of straight-leg jeans. She completed her out-and-about look with a red and white striped tote and black slip-on sneakers.

Witherspoon’s festive sweater may just be the perfect piece for all of our holiday needs, but its price isn’t so perfect. Courtesy of her Draper James line, the sweater — the Fontaine Fair Isle Sweater — totals $200, and quite frankly, that’s money that we could be using to buy gifts for our friends and family. So we set out to recreate Witherspoon’s entire look for less than $200 — read on for the results!

Finding a sweater to rival Witherspoon’s Draper James style was fairly simple, and we found the perfect style in the form of the Raglan Pullover Sweater from American Eagle Outfitters. Featuring a similar red and blue pattern draped about the shoulders, this sweater also features a hidden element: a small heart motif throughout the body of the sweater. This sweater will easily pass for Witherspoon’s look, but it will only cost you $41.21.

raglan pullover sweater

The AEO Raglan Pullover Sweater, found on

We found the perfect pair of straight-leg jeans from Old Navy in their Curvy Straight Jeans. Done in a lighter wash with a slight whiskering at the hip, these jeans look like Witherspoon’s jeans, but will only set you back $25.

old navy curvy straight jeans

The Curvy Straight Jean, found on

Completing our look for less is a pair of slip-on sneakers — the Report Arvon Reptile Slip-On Sneaker from DSW, to be exact. These look-alike slip-ons will add extra detail to your outfit with its reptile-embossed faux leather, but they won’t take any extra from your wallet, costing only $34.95.

reptile slip ons

The Report Arvon Reptile Slip-On Sneaker, found on

If you love Witherspoon’s festive casual look, our look for less can be yours for only $101.16, almost $100 less than the cost of her Draper James sweater. Just add some Wayfarer sunglasses and a striped bag, and you’ll be ready for the holidays in no time!

Happy Shopping!

Take Her Look [For Less]

Some women seem to just have an effortless style, and Reese Witherspoon is certainly one of those women.

The actress was spotted out and about on August 5 in Los Angeles, wearing the Printed Gilmore Skirt from her Draper James clothing and lifestyle collection, which features a dainty pink and purple floral print, side-seam pleated pockets and a feminine scalloped hemline. She completed her look with an easy white v-neck tee, red strappy sandals, mirrored sunglasses and a grey heathered tote.

Witherspoon’s flirty daytime look can be yours, so long as you’re willing to pay $150 just for her Draper James skirt. While $150 isn’t a terribly high price to pay for what’s sure to be a quality item, we thought that we could recreate her whole look from head to toe for under $150. Read on to see how we did!

Finding a skirt to rival the Draper James style was a difficult task, but we thought the Nothing Compares Skirt from Tobi was a sufficient replacement. Offering an equally dainty floral with a frilled hemline, this $28 skirt is sure to add a bit of femininity to your casual summertime looks.

The Nothing Compares Skirt, found on

The Nothing Compares Skirt, found on

Next on our shopping list was a white v-neck tee, which we quickly found at Forever 21. Their classic v-neck tee opens up your neckline, drawing attention to your gorgeous face. And for only $3.90, you’ll be able to stock up on this wardrobe essential.

The Classic V-Neck Tee, found on

The Classic V-Neck Tee, found on

A bright red sandal adds a pop of color to our reimagined look, and what better way to add some color than with the Lyla Toe Ring Sandal by Donald J. Pliner. Featuring a similar strap pattern to Witherspoon’s sandals, this style courtesy of Nordstrom could easily pass for Witherspoon’s exact shoes. On sale for $69.97 from its original $178, this sandal is an easy way to imitate Witherspoon’s style for less.

The Lyla Toe Ring Sandal by Donald J. Pliner, found on

The Lyla Toe Ring Sandal by Donald J. Pliner, found on

Mirrored sunglasses will add a whole other level of cool to this look-alike outfit, and the American Eagle Half Frame Icon Sunglasses will do just that. These sunnies feature blue-tinted, mirrored lenses similar to Witherspoon’s shades, and these will complete your look for only $15.95.

The American Eagle Half Frame Icon Sunglasses, found on

The American Eagle Half Frame Icon Sunglasses, found on

Our look for less wouldn’t be complete without a grey heathered tote, and luckily, Forever 21 had the perfect tote to polish off our look. The Classic Oversized Tote not only comes in a similar shade to Witherspoon’s style, it’s also big enough to hold everything from your laptop to a jacket and everything in between. And the best part — it’s only $12.90.

The Classic Oversized Tote in heather grey, found on

The Classic Oversized Tote in heather grey, found on

Although we loved Reese Witherspoon’s moderately-priced Draper James floral skirt (and her whole look, for that matter), we thought we could recreate her entire look for less than her skirt’s $150 price tag. Coming it at $130.72, our look for less totaled only $19.28 under the price of her skirt. So if you love her look, now you have all the pieces to recreate it for yourself!

Happy Shopping!

Happy Fourth of July!

June flew by, and now we are already celebrating the Fourth of July! And whether you are going to a huge cookout with all of your family and friends or just hanging out on the beach, it’s important to celebrate the Fourth in style.

In thinking about what to write about Fourth of July fashion, I realized that I’ve focused a lot over the past month on what other women have been wearing and why it works, but I haven’t really talked at all about my own style. So I decided to change things up a bit today, and give you a little taste of what I will be wearing this holiday weekend; and of course, I will tell you what you can take away from my outfit so you can try a similar look for yourself!

To me, there’s nothing more American than pairing lace and chambray, so I decided to wear this fun lace muscle tank from American Eagle with one of my favorite Forever 21 purchases ever: star print chambray shorts! To bring in some red (and carry my phone!), I added a coral-red clutch from Charming Charlie and to play up the star motif, I chose to wear a white enamel star bangle (also from Charming Charlie). To complete my festive Fourth look, I decided to wear one of my favorite pairs of sandals: the Steve Madden Kammi Gladiator Sandal in gold, which I picked up from DSW.

My Fourth of July outfit!

My Fourth of July outfit!

Unfortunately, there are some pieces in my outfit that are from last summer (the shorts, clutch and bracelet), so if you love them enough to want to buy them, they are probably no longer available. But, there are some things from my outfit that you can incorporate into your Fourth of July outfit:

  1. Lace can be casual – Sometimes lace can seem like a ‘dressier’ fabric, but it can be casual too. Look for lace in more laid back cuts like a loose muscle tank (like mine from American Eagle); lace in a casual cut is the perfect combination of polished and carefree, making for a cute picnic-going outfit.
  2. All-American Chambray – Nothing says all-American girl like wearing chambray, so try incorporating a pair of chambray shorts or even a chambray shirt into your Fourth of July look. Chambray is a lightweight alternative to denim, so it’s perfect for a celebration out in the sun.
  3. Opt for stars and stripes – Star print is actually a huge trend right now, so it will be easy to find some cute star-printed shirts, shorts and accessories for the summer holiday. But if you want to be a little less literal, try either red and white stripes with subtle blue accessories or blue and white stripes with subtle red accessories. This creates not only a patriotic outfit but also a nautical look, so if you are spending your holiday out on the water this year, this would be a perfect option!

No matter how you are going to celebrate the Fourth of July, I wish you all a fun-filled day with nothing but great food, great company and great style!

Happy Fourth, my friends!