Aerie wants you to ‘share your spark’

Known for their body positivity and size inclusivity, lingerie brand Aerie is at it again with the latest installment of their #AerieREAL campaign — and this time, models aren’t the only ones getting in on the fun.

According to POPSUGAR, the company recently launched their “Share Your Spark” campaign, which depicts “women at all sizes sharing their ‘spark,’ or really just emitting their natural glow.” The best part: ELLE says that Aerie incorporated non-model women in their ads, featuring 40 women that includes “Aerie staff members, bloggers, designers, and customers.”

While the ads do include some photoshoot newcomers, Aerie veterans Iskra Lawrence and Barbie Ferreira are still featured in the campaign among other models, says POPSUGAR.

In addition to their modeling duties, all of the women in the campaign took part in a two-and-a-half minute documentary-like video, reports ELLE. Beginning with bleak black and white city shots, the video abruptly changes tone as it comes to life with color and as “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld plays over the footage.

Also celebrating the launch of the Sunnie lingerie collection, the video shows all of the women prepping for their photoshoot while also briefly sharing their stories. The women also star in their own 20-second videos, according to ELLE, in which they “share their spark” with viewers.

“Fall in love with yourself,” Diana Veras shares in one of the videos, according to ELLE, while Ferreira says in another, “I don’t apologize for anything, including my body.”

If the new campaign has you feeling inspired, head over to Aerie to shop their new line or, check out more stills and videos from the campaign.

Barbie Joins #AerieReal

#AerieReal just got a little bit more real.

According to ELLE19-year-old Barbie Ferreira is the most recent model to join the popular #AerieReal campaign, the American Eagle company’s photoshop-free initiative to encourage body positivity and diversity. The Wilhelmina-managed model, who has 243,ooo Instagram followers, told ELLE of her excitement over being featured in the campaign.

“I’m overwhelmed with happiness that I could be part of something so special and important to me,” she said. “The praise has really just proved that the world is ready to see change.”

The size-12 model thinks that being the face of the #AerieReal campaign will inspire girls to love themselves exactly as they are. “I just want to make sure girls know they don’t have to carry the weight of achieving nearly impossible standards on their shoulders every day. They’re worthy!”

Although Ferreira explained that she hasn’t been retouched in other modeling jobs, she said that continuing to work in unretouched campaigns is very important to her.

“I rarely got retouched when I started modeling and it was crucial to me to show an accurate, realistic picture of me because that’s beautiful too,” she said. “Taking it a step further with such a major brand has been so exciting … I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time!”

Ferreira has encountered her fair share of Internet shamers with her success, but she certainly won’t let hateful comments change the way she feels about herself. In fact, she encourages other young women to follow suit and cultivate a positive body image.

“Unlearn your harmful behaviors,” she offered, “realize you can wear whatever you want and you were not put on this earth to do everything to be sexually appealing to people.”

Thank you, Barbie Ferreira, for teaching us to love ourselves unretouched.