First black woman appointed as West Point’s first captain

Sometimes, all it takes is one woman to break through the glass ceiling to pave the way for those who follow in her footsteps.

Take Simone Askew, for example. According to HuffPost, the 20-year-old International History major at West Point was recently appointed as the academy’s first captain, making her the first black woman to ever hold the prestigious position.

Currently serving as the Regimental Commander of Cadet Basic Training II, HuffPost says  Askew leads over 1,500 cadets, but with her promotion, she will have more than 4,000 under her charge, giving her “the highest position possible for a cadet.”

Proud sister Nina Askew spoke to NBC Washington about her sister’s history-making promotion and shared a message of inspiration:

“It’s a great step for not only women, but African-American women, because it shows that no matter what your sex, or your race, you can really do anything,” she said. “There’s nothing that can hold you back.”

May Simone light the way for many more!